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  1. Hello. My name is Amber. But you can call me Raven.
    Well, my survivor is Raven.
    So, here's how my first week has gone, I'll try to keep it short...
    Day One: Irl friend convinces me to get ARK by showing me the Ragnarok trailer. So I downloaded the trial version for the Xbox one, and he creates a world for me to join him in.
    First thing I noticed was the pc interface (not complaining, just weird for an Xbox game.) And since I had been playing minecraft on pc, it was super weird to navigate the menus for Ark.... especially since my Irl friend had put all the settings to god mode (or creative mode) because he didn't want to wait for taming and he wanted to build but not have to collect for very long.

    So my first experience in the game was him showing me a wood house, and stone ceilings, and black and green dyes, and hide armor, and he built a two story house and tamed a trike right in front of me. All while I was highlighting each icon, trying to read the items, and leveling faster than I could spend points and all I did was stand there. Lol. He did have me make tools and answered all my questions and gave me some warnings/tips. Then he ran me down the beach and all the way to the red obelisk that I wanted to go see. We passed a waterfall and he pointed out a dinosaur crocodile  (later I learned is called a sarco) on the other side of the river and told me to stay away from it, also to avoid the trees on the other side due to Raptors. I was trying to make mental notes of everything he was telling me, but I didn't realize how much most of it didn't make sense because it only applied if I was on more regular settings.

    During our adventure, my trial expired while he was in the middle of teaching me something... he was about to dye my shirt black for me, and I was forced to spend 60 dollars in order to keep playing. Here is where I will tell you, this was before I knew anything about early access. So up until this week, I thought all games came to the public in beta and then the real game was released. Also.... I had never seen a single trailer for Ark, not on the Internet, not anywhere. My friend showed me the 1 minute and 16 second one that showed dragons and gryphons. And I was curious enough to try....

    And fell in love with the dinosaurs and the raft.

    Day Two coming soon.

  2. Darkravenrage

    Community Crunch 96!

    I want the collector's edition, but don't think I can afford it.... anyone know if there will be a separate dinosaur dossier you can purchase on its own someday?
  3. I want to set up an online blog of my adventures in Ark...... but I am not sure where to do that.

  4. New to ARK. Loving it so far. I've played on my own session, one non dedicated and now I'm on the official server 221, trying to learn the game before going into pvp.
    A friend convinced me to get this game, but then hasn't been playing with me.
    And now I may not get an invite to their dedicated server because the owner doesn't know me in real life.

    So I'm gonna try to level on an official so I can hopefully enjoy the end-game content someday.