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  1. By any chance are you trying to do this on Unofficial PC Sessions ? because I am having the same issue but ONLY with player dedi, it works fine on official.
  2. My beef stems back from being a loyal customer for years, and them suddenly claiming I had got refunds which categorized me as a fraud. Funny thing is its not like I can dip my hand into their honey pot, they either give refunds or they don't. one or the other and if they don't then stand by it, fair do's but to then ban a gamer tag with 100's of pounds in games and DLC. That's not very supportive or benefit of the doubt is it ?? The rest of the story imo is immaterial needless to say MS / Wildcard just as bad as each other.
  3. I tried, they refused to refund me on XB1. And worst still you can't actually speak via phone anymore, due to their recent change up in requesting refund. Typical Microsoft BS as per usual, just another way to cut the customer off and fluff them over when they don't want to dip their hand in their pocket. Yet they happy took our money and keep it no matter what the issue is with the game/s
  4. hovv do vve play together? (i use xbox, vve can voice chat trough the details on discord)


    1. ECADDurand


      I use XBOX party chat for voice comms, discord is a secondary form of communication. Mainly for heads up shout outs for server defences etc etc.

  5. NO not yet still waiting to see if MS will refund me, speaking of which I am going to check. At this point its not about the price its principle make sure things work if your going to sell it on the MS Store.
  6. I have played for at least 2 years on XBOX 1, and while I am well aware of meshing, I think its sickening people have no integrity. In the entire time I have played I have never once meshed (in retaliation, or for any other reason), however I have recently decided to leave my main and go venturing out on my own looking to recruit and build on another server. Despite the difficulties I may have ahead I need build locations that are either extremely hard to mesh, or when and where possible fully un-meshable. One would assume maps are the same on PC as it is on XB1 or PS4
  7. Its not ideal, but if your issue is anything like mine, it appears the servers are indeed still very much online. They are just not listed for some reason, if you have an alliance on server who has someone online get them to invite you to the server. I hope for your benefit you don't have babies down and if you do / did someone is online to get you in to save you and your babies.
  8. Issue recorded as started 9pm GMT 1st December 2018 Extinction Server 998 XB1 is apparently still active (I haven't joined it yet) but apparently if a friend invites me I can still play on it, the problem is however I should not need to rely on a friend to be on the server constantly to allow me to get on and feed my babies. If the server is indeed active and not offline how am I supposed to make sure the babies don't die once my friends leave the server ?? Its a problem FIX IT please asap
  9. Seriously does no one have an answer to this ?? I mean cost aside if your charging for an item at least make sure it works, and don't ignore people. guessing I need to call Xbox live and make a point, by getting my money back.
  10. So I purchased the quetz skin for 79p I installed restarted game (that didn't spawn it in) so I hard reset the XB1X and that hasn't worked. So I guess the question is what's going on, what am I missing ?? I only got it so I could spray it and colour code it to the base for laughs on our PvP server, the lads been giving me grief for spraying the base and now I'm salty I spent 79p and I cant even continue the joke.
  11. Can anybody tell me if something is off about the 3X taming on six man ?? We have tried Dodo Dex and STAC for taming and both are off by a mile, yet I have used them previously and they worked fine. Has WC changed something or have the taming calcs not been updated or something ??
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