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  1. And I bet you still mesh and dupe, who cares if your solo ??
  2. Surely someone knows something, i know its in use on dedi servers and working quite well from what i have been told. So why do we not yet have it on official ? is it in pipeline or what ??
  3. yeah I mean they can but at least if you can get compound bows / flame arrows / crossbows etc, you can actually fight back (your success rate then is about skill / knowledge) currently even with those you are not doing anything to meks, and of course numbers is another thing that tends to be low due to the drop off from duping meshing. The saddest part is its own community is whats killing it and for what ?? To say your the big cheese on a game but currently have no skill cause you had to cheat to A) get their B) to stay their and that's with the numbers. Ohh also worth noting this is PvP servers we talk about right ?? So why even when its smaller tribes do people actually sit and wait until your offline to soak, my point is their is no longer PvP its in essence PvE because people are weak and lazy.
  4. My point wasn't about lowering the strength its about allowing what they are used for period in this game, as imo it is rapidly declining / dying a cancerous death. because of meshing alone not to mention the recent bout of duping and any new player that joins instantly gets clapped before even getting a foot in the door (which means you are forced to go to bigger tribes and try to join just to play) and that already has killed the game not to mention titans I mean please that's just ridiculous. I have played this game 3 yrs on officials I have had tek as one would expect, but I have never been a tribe someone could say hey yeah I know them. and as long as titans and meks have been out of never tamed or made one on officials ever. It has no bearing on my capability to play this game and or survive but everything to do with trying to start at this point from scratch is something that can only be done if a tribe / server takes pity on you and says hey we got you but you fight for us now. again their is no creating your own alliance (unless you have backing of bigger tribes) and tbh that's just crap I hope that gets my point across.
  5. You see the problem is this game is about survival (I agree), but when you have bigger tribes locking down extinctions (any server) for that matter. To the point your chased off, killed or even caged if you even try to go on such servers. You A) unable to get Meks yourself B) unable to survive because people are clowns an will happily use their OP Meks just to rip through someone's stone base and it may not be their server, its just because its great to be toxic apparently. So no they are not fine as they are, its one sided and not surprisingly why the games becoming stale and dead, who wants to play that just because some phat cat wants to swing his junk ?? I have played for three years straight on xbox one and tried my hand at the steam version. Its the same all across the board and its the mix of trolls and phat cats killing this game along with meshing / duping (what a surprise meks were the latest craze). Insiding is greasy I don't agree with it, but at least it is within the games confines.
  6. Anything, anyone ?? Someone must know something ??
  7. This post lol, do you want to rephrase that ? because all I am hearing is dudes that may be in a larger tribe trying not to get dev wiped, mostly because they have no skill. Oh lug nuts meshed me, lets mesh back (major skill), oh we cant get in here lets inside him (loads more skill) oh my mate from server 9 million knows how to dupe we can mek rush them wow so skilled. imo and from those who are LEGIT that are in bigger tribes, they agree its stale and have expressed they would love a wipe. in fact that's why most are looking at vaguero for that excitement of beach bashing with clubs, and getting to take the server and establishing who is boss again because their bored with the way things are.
  8. @Cedric - Mesh Police App Hi i play on console, more specifically XBOX One X. Moving on to the main point and from what i have seen (via Nerd Parade videos), this looks like the cleanest most effective way to stop people getting into the mesh period. Is it easy to implement (i can't say because i don't know), but i do know for the most part and no disrespect to the creator of the app and / or wildcard dev's. But at this point we just want the game fixed and meshing halted, to me, at least from what i saw and understood, this does it in strides. So why has it not been done ?? I know its on the radar because a question was answered about false positives, now is their more work to be done probably, maybe a LOT more to have it work with all maps and with minimal collateral damage. I mean i grant you some players are literally day 1 players, i played for 3 years myself and i have to be honest i am starting to lose the will to live. Just 1 to 2 days ago my server was meshed by some well knowns, i didn't even bother to report it because the last few times i have nothing was done. That kinda gives me a skewed vision of this game and makes me NOT want to play, it's enough to drive anyone away, even the most hardcore of fans. I think 3 years of waiting and so called fixes, and now this new app that was created in how many days ?? It deserves more than a pop quiz Q&A, swallow that pill they call pride and GET HER DONE. its imo probably the best / closest thing to a fix we will ever see. Now while this is a suggestion, i suppose it's also a question. And that is if its on your radar has anything bar a question via twitter been asked anymore updates on it because i can't find anything since the last nerd parade video. Maybe i'm just not looking in the right places, doing the right searches.
  9. By any chance are you trying to do this on Unofficial PC Sessions ? because I am having the same issue but ONLY with player dedi, it works fine on official.
  10. My beef stems back from being a loyal customer for years, and them suddenly claiming I had got refunds which categorized me as a fraud. Funny thing is its not like I can dip my hand into their honey pot, they either give refunds or they don't. one or the other and if they don't then stand by it, fair do's but to then ban a gamer tag with 100's of pounds in games and DLC. That's not very supportive or benefit of the doubt is it ?? The rest of the story imo is immaterial needless to say MS / Wildcard just as bad as each other.
  11. I tried, they refused to refund me on XB1. And worst still you can't actually speak via phone anymore, due to their recent change up in requesting refund. Typical Microsoft BS as per usual, just another way to cut the customer off and fluff them over when they don't want to dip their hand in their pocket. Yet they happy took our money and keep it no matter what the issue is with the game/s
  12. hovv do vve play together? (i use xbox, vve can voice chat trough the details on discord)


    1. ECADDurand


      I use XBOX party chat for voice comms, discord is a secondary form of communication. Mainly for heads up shout outs for server defences etc etc.

  13. NO not yet still waiting to see if MS will refund me, speaking of which I am going to check. At this point its not about the price its principle make sure things work if your going to sell it on the MS Store.
  14. Seriously does no one have an answer to this ?? I mean cost aside if your charging for an item at least make sure it works, and don't ignore people. guessing I need to call Xbox live and make a point, by getting my money back.
  15. So I purchased the quetz skin for 79p I installed restarted game (that didn't spawn it in) so I hard reset the XB1X and that hasn't worked. So I guess the question is what's going on, what am I missing ?? I only got it so I could spray it and colour code it to the base for laughs on our PvP server, the lads been giving me grief for spraying the base and now I'm salty I spent 79p and I cant even continue the joke.
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