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  1. So with kill list Legacy in pc dont have any SE server so RIP phoenix and SE in Legacy server and u should move ur base , stuff and dino to another server that have good population atm but after 3 month its maybe wipe cause they check legacy server population again every 3 month after release . GG ,why u dont tell us this earlier? all of us know why ,because u loose a lot of player, before u destroy ark , ark in steam was in top 5 list of player in game but now its in 13 place
  2. I want that Bionic Skins too , we play your EA game in a hard conditions like bad optimize, fatal errors , dinos stuck in ground and missed , uncompleted map , uncompleted bioms , support you with buying game and DLC to complete game faster ,but there we have nothing special things and stuff to be different from others , or if you still need support from us you can make bonus content on steam or other store to add these features like that beautiful bionic skins to us who bought game in EA. tnq
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