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  1. First dino that scared the crap out of you

    We built our 1st thatch hut in west side near a small pond. We didn't know that it was a popular spino spawn point. Opened the door one day and found one right infront of me. Destroyed our entire hut and happily went away.
  2. Best color mutation

    We have a red colored Rex which is pretty awesome. My favorite mutation yet
  3. Whats your best loot crate find ?

    We got some awesome Ascendant saddles once! Those were the best
  4. Game size?!?

    Mines 80.2GB *sigh*
  5. Therizinosaurus worth the time to tame one?

    It truly is, the best Dino we have which is an all rounder, wood, meat and thatch just flows from it! We can find like 3000 wood in 20 seconds!
  6. What's The Point of Playing ?

    Finally! I was getting fed up with 500mb updates daily
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Fed our giga babies, did some exploring around the map and killed a dodo
  8. Fastest swimmer for deep sea lootcrates?

    Plesiosaur, very fast and has good attack and defense level up its speed and you should be good
  9. Best spots to find fish

    I think this is quite close to my base, will check it out thanks!
  10. What's The Point of Playing ?

    Is this true? Have they added all? Which means are they gonna finally work on the game optimizations?
  11. Best spots to find fish

    Where are the best spots to find huge fish in the normal map? We normally find 1.5 size coal but looking for those 2.0+ sizes. Is there anyway to make them force spawn or a specific place to catch them?
  12. Tamable Alphas

    These can be done in modded servers only I guess?
  13. Water breeding removed

    We used to do this, oh well I guess we cannot anymore
  14. I know right? This is way too much, daily 500mb+ updates and its very taxing on my monthly quota