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  1. I can't be the only one who noticed that the stranger is hung like an elephant.
  2. I was playing on the Ragnarok map on single player. When Extinction came out, I uploaded my character from the Ragnarok map and then started an extinction single player with him. When I decided to switch back to the Ragnarok map, I uploaded my survivor from the Extinction map and opened up the Ragnarok single player. When I got there... my character was listed twice (these aren't copies of each other, as they have different food and water levels displaying). Is this normal? And if so... is there a difference between those uploaded characters? (They are both level 105.) I'm thinking I'm going to have to carefully manage these saves if every time I'm switching maps I will be creating a ghost of my character in the obelisk.
  3. The domes have always looked like that for me.
  4. I am having the same issue.. and it is always triggered by my leaving one of the biomes and going into the wastelands. It seems to be more of an issue at night time. I can turn gamma way down, but then I can barely see my inventory.
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