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  1. Experiencing few as well, buttons dont get assigned properly, dinos switch their stances randomly there and then, passive creatures try to fly away or switch to passive flee. chaos. My otter had switched from passive flee to passive several times, or even to neutral, even tho i have him on ignore whistles. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Skyness said:

    Will only these servers be available on the release day (same maps as well) or there will be more added?

    If only these will available, does that mean no new Rag servers or current Rag servers will be wiped as well?

    I suppose those amount of wiped legacy servers will be rehosted in new cluster system and with different maps. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Nickoli1900 said:

    Personally I feel bad for Jat and Jen, always having to be the bearer of bad news. It should really be Jeremy and Jesse imo. They'll just hide behind twitter which is cowardly tbh. I have no respect for them. They just need to take their time with patches and test them multiple times before releasing them. 

    About that i think they all have their part of work whch they doing. And not always it bad news.

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