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  1. Bankabledread

    Information Regarding PC Legacy 34-39 & 84-86

    This stuff only happens on legacy becuase they are hosted on cheaper hardware than the new servers just move to the new servers and you dont have to worry about it
  2. Did you get my reply email about the glitch?? Just want to make sure u got it

  3. Bankabledread

    Crafting Skill

    Hey am on xbox am just curios is crafting skill worth it so all?? And did they change bp max damage never herd of a 700% longneck rifle
  4. Didt say i didt imprint just saying I didt have 2 feed it
  5. Cooked meat dude I had 12 stacks on a giga and it lasted most the day
  6. Bankabledread

    Drowning dinos because of orb

    I am a xbox player and i wondering if the glitch that drowned dinos due to orb would affect us at all on patch drop or would the fix already be implented. Does anyone know?
  7. Bankabledread


    First thing I tried doesn't move , some one on fb said its still stick on squid I just can't see it cuz I got off
  8. Bankabledread


    Last night in an attempt to tame a squid my pleesy got stuck being held by the squid , but only on my screen when so i jumped off and now i see him in the water just siting i didt kill squid in worry he may disappear , i can spawn on bed on his platform but i spawn 20 feet from where i see him at and I can swim thru his body any one know how to fix this or should I just leave a gravestone now?
  9. But the hole point of a pesonal imprint is more relastic , like a pet dog imprints on its owner not every human in the world.
  10. Bankabledread

    Pre Built Stables for each Dino.

    Or make the stables kinda like a box , like large dino pen for big dinos rexes and stuff extra large for giga size , and a small and medium and allow maybe a group pen where u put it down and makes a line to pull in and out of but works kinda like the obb and u load the dino it but can see it in the stable when u load it
  11. Bankabledread

    Dear official servers

    Destiny gets wiped every up date in a way tho all old gear useless , but the time people put into ark is alot more than time put into destiny and after the second update where all raid gear became useless no one i knew played much any.more I mean u just wait till the next update and u could find better gear in random drops than raid , and ark u put countless weeks into raising rexes gigga s , and so on just 2 wipe it i wouldent play myself for a bit atleast 6 months
  12. Bankabledread

    Nerf the therizinosaurus and the chalicotherium

    Sword and a shield can take care of a. Theri pretty easy ive killed theri with just a doed b4
  13. Bankabledread

    Dino breeding options for small tribes.

    It would be nice but the hole point of breeding is to make it hars because u can get such good dinos from ut like a rex that hatches at lvl 351or higher , I understand u cant breed because u are solo but if u find other tribes yalll can breed 2gether to make it easier. Also ive heard of future refridged trough were an idea so meat last longer
  14. Bankabledread

    Dear official servers

    Or makeing a non beta server cluster that has increased tameiing , living and all that to help new people get caught up quick , if they wiped all servers so many people would never play again
  15. Bankabledread

    End game

    Or make an extra map , kinda like scorched but u need tek 2 life there , like an alien planet u cant normaly breath on