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  1. I beg to differ but ARK has been out since 2015 and back then there was no biomes no ascention just DINOS
  2. So I installed the patch started the game as usual and boom snapshot 10 pops up and then I get put back to the main screen with a nice note saying can't connect to HOST I have over 2656 hours in this game played since it was first came out on EA and now I have a brick that won't load into the server SYSTEM SPECS as Follows: MotherBoard ASUS M5A78L-M PLUSGTX 960AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight Core Processor16 gb RAM1920x1080 displaysame happened to my wife since update as well SYSTEM SPECS FOR HERS:MotherBoard Parckard Bell EG43MGTX 960Intel Core 2 QUAD Q83008 gb RAM1920x1080 display

    can you look into this please thankyou

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