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  1. Cleaver

    Dodo Fights

    Breed your best dodo line and then enter them into death matches!
  2. Cleaver

    Opening Cages

    It wouldn't be hard to just apply the trap mechanic to cages. You just add the time to delete to open for non-members like bear traps have.
  3. Basically, it's a numbers game for Legacy at this point. If we can get numbers up our servers will likely stay open... if we can't then we will have to quit or find new homes. We don't have a specific date for when they might look again, but if you want to keep your server you need to increase its traffic. That's currently a huge issue for us, how to get new players to come play and old players to move in without creating a hostile Ark experience.
  4. Amusing, we have a girl who plays just like that.
  5. Really looking forward to aberration dropping!
  6. Cleaver

    You know what ark is really missing?

    Yeah, I feel like an expanded emotion set, and easier deployment and hotkeying for emotions would go a long way!
  7. Cleaver

    Whistle - Stop Looking At Me

    I regularly indulge in dino abuse, especially when the little bastards actually get me stuck in the endless float! The option would be amazing.
  8. Still 3 months later, and while we have changed our game style a lot, we'd still love to be allowed to have greater control of the natural environment of the island!
  9. Gotta say, even on the legacy we are pretty excited for the new content and how it will interact with our home servers!
  10. Cleaver

    Whistle - Stop Looking At Me

    This would actually be really useful, sometimes my rexs and Quetz like to knock me off my roof while I'm ferting and it can be really frustrating and sometimes deadly!
  11. For my tribe, we like to keep the area around our base somewhat reminiscent of when we settled the region as opposed to the normal large open fields that bases tend to create, to do this we actually commit a large amount of our resources to re-fertilizer and once we learned how to do it on a large scale without getting constantly stuck in rocks and trees most of our area regularly looks wooded. The issue is that trees in particular are very fragile and get knocked down regularly by wild dinos, with no regrowth due to our walls, fences, turret towers and gates every time this happens (about once a week) we have to do a huge re-fert effort. Suggestion 1: The AOE of re-fert is increased per-use, even if the cost is also increased. Suggestion 2: In game overlay that shows the refert AOE. With all the new additional overlays and GUI options that have been added the game is really coming together. Building placement has overlays, commands have overlays. I feel like being able to choose where you want to re-fert with the two click build style would really help for this item. Suggestion 3: Add a dino, or building that would naturally re-fert trees in an area while on wander. Suggestion 4: Allow a base/tribe option to allow growth closer to bases however make it so that growth doesn't give resources any longer. Currently re-fert brings back all resource nodes, and giving the ability to not block these would be problematic but mainly we are looking for aesthetics of the natural wild look which is impossible to maintain when big dinos like titanosouruses walk through your forest every few days and it won't grow back! That being said, thank you WC for all your hard work and the huge variety of systems you've implemented already for various playstyles. I look forward to seeing where things go at launch!