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  1. TehGrimCreeper

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    *Angelic singing, golden light descends onto the Xbox* Finally able to play Rag! Day made!
  2. TehGrimCreeper

    Bring Back Movement Speed Upgrading for Dinos

    I agree. The devs said that they removed it to balance the game and make it more enjoyable - like so you'd have to look at the scenery. I get that in like the PVP/PVE official servers, but why isn't it just a toggle option? I hate playing online due to the toxicity of the community, but I know the Island like the back of my hand.
  3. FFS. Ragnarok is and has still been crashing. This is still. Not. A. New. Issue. Are there any plans at all to address this? Any at all? It's been over a year. 28 pages. Last reply was Jat in July 2018. I keep popping back into the community crunches hoping to see any kind of progress
  4. TehGrimCreeper

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Was really hoping that the latest update would change things. I downloaded Ark again today just to test. Island? Functional - no crashes at all 2 hours of gameplay. Including raiding underwater caves. Rag? 45 minutes - 5 tames clustered around the modest 2 building base I have. Crash. Boot up again? 1 hour 15 minutes. DILO?! Finally uninstalled again.
  5. TehGrimCreeper

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Here we are. A year later and still no closer to a functioning Rag. No acknowledgement from the Devs. No timeline. I've finally uninstalled Ark. I understand that things like the Extinction bugs are important to fix - but its literally been a year. We had like 3 weeks of a functional game. @Jatheish is there any plan for fixing this?
  6. Man I hope so haha. I considered getting a One X to fix this ish, but $500 is a lot to fix a game. Glad I didn't if even the X is having issues.
  7. Is there any chance that this issue will be resolved in the coming months? We're going on almost a year since it's been reported. There are 27 pages of replies. It was briefly fixed with the June update, but then the TLC update in July rebroke it. I've not been able to play Ark since July of this year.
  8. TehGrimCreeper

    Flyer Nerf Option

    Yeah... I have both on Steam and the Xbone, (judge meh not) I prefer the Xbone, partially for the controller, but also to play with friends. I've kind of stayed away from steam for a bit, since I've even been running into the issue of resources not respawning... I toadally get where WC was coming from - in terms of the nerf for like the Official servers, I mean the griefing is real, so no one likes that. Nothing quite like getting just destroyed by a Griffin right? I just don't totally get why this isn't an option. Something like the loot quality, or like the health/stamina for personal servers. I feel like it'd be pretty easy to just set a setting on the official servers to disable leveling speed, but I feel like it'd be fairly easy to let people decide on personal servers. I'm a teeeny tiny bit bitter that I had a Tapy that could outfly a Dragon, and it got nerfed to uselessness. -_- Nice pic by the way!
  9. Hello Chris and Jen, I also feel like I want to chime in with everyone else. I bought Ark back when it was Early Access on Steam. The game instantly skyrocketed into one of my favorite games. The ability to go anywhere! Do anything! Holy moses, that was amazing. When it was announced that it would be coming to the Xbone I was ecstatic. I can play with my console peeps now! I'll be the first to admit, I'm beyond bitter still about the Flyer nerf. I get that it's a balancing thing, but why does that have to affect Single Player? But recently, it just seems like Wildcard has made enough money that those of us who've been here since the beginning are just peons and are ignored. Like "We've made our money, now be content with anything we give you." I can understand some of the bugs, but ones like the Ragnarok issue? We reported problems back in 12/2017. Jat looked into it for a while, and it was fixed by June of 2018. TLC update comes out in July, and it breaks again. Still no response from the Dev team on an issue that's been going since 12/2017. I loooooove Ark! The idea is awesome! I love the freedom afforded by the game. But the blatant lack of communication, the constant bugs, and the lack of fixing bugs instead of rolling out new material is alienating your player base. It was due to things like the Flyer nerf, and all the bugs, I decided that it was not worth buying Extinction/the annual pass - and was not terribly surprised when my buddies were having bugs. If things like the bugs for Ark cannot be fixed, and there is no communication from the Dev team, I really do not see how any further games out of Wildcard can succeed. I want to love this game. I sincerely hope that changes are made - ones that will facilitate people like myself and a couple of my console peeps coming back.
  10. TehGrimCreeper

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Happy anniversary! I keep holding out hope that one day the Devs will actually do something aboot this. I tried switching to my Steam version since the Xbox version has been broke since June for me -but surprise, surprise. More bugs there too. Like resources won't respawn on the frackin' Steam version. The PC flagship version. Gawdsakes. I'll check back every couple of months to see if anything has changed. But at this point I, I've heard the Devs are working on a new game. WC has lost all my trust...
  11. TehGrimCreeper

    Flyer Nerf Option

    I get what Jen said aboot the Devs wanting people to enjoy the game as it was made, and PVP being fair. I toadally understand that. But for someone like me, and the 4 peeps I play with, we're never going to play PVP. The environment is caustic af. So why does it matter what we do on our own private server? I'm not going to complain if a buddy has an Argy with 400 movement speed. Could this be something that is only an option for Official servers but we have a choice for single player or unofficial servers?
  12. TehGrimCreeper

    Xbox One SP Game Crash

    Snap. I might give that a try! Thank you!
  13. TehGrimCreeper

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Right on, thanks for the reply! I appreciate it. I might just uninstall Ark for right meow, since I've kind of gotten a little burned out on the Island. I might check back then just when Extinction gets finished up.
  14. TehGrimCreeper

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Is there any end in sight for this issue? It was working briefly for like a month, but it's back to crashing. Even my buddy on the Xbox one S is having issues. Will this be addressed?
  15. TehGrimCreeper

    Ragnarok crashing???

    Seriously though. Rag is my favorite map. It worked for like a month before the update to 777. I submitted a bug report/support ticket, but per usual, it looks like the Devs are choosing to ignore this.