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  1. Awesome! Thanks Y'all! I mean I only had like 5 games so it wouldn't have been earth shattering to restart, but I was really hoping there's be a way!
  2. How to Rejoin Own Tribe Soooo. I'm playing on Ragnarok on my PC on Single Player. Our breaker flipped and power went out. So the PC died without saving. When I booted it back up - all my stuff was red and unclaimed. My tames, my buildings, etc. I never purposely left the tribe - but it just shows no tribes. Like I can create one - but not join "Tribe of Grimcreeper". Is there any way around this? I'd really hate to just wipe the server - I spent like 20 hours on it so far.
  3. *Angelic singing, golden light descends onto the Xbox* Finally able to play Rag! Day made!
  4. FFS. Ragnarok is and has still been crashing. This is still. Not. A. New. Issue. Are there any plans at all to address this? Any at all? It's been over a year. 28 pages. Last reply was Jat in July 2018. I keep popping back into the community crunches hoping to see any kind of progress
  5. Was really hoping that the latest update would change things. I downloaded Ark again today just to test. Island? Functional - no crashes at all 2 hours of gameplay. Including raiding underwater caves. Rag? 45 minutes - 5 tames clustered around the modest 2 building base I have. Crash. Boot up again? 1 hour 15 minutes. DILO?! Finally uninstalled again.
  6. Here we are. A year later and still no closer to a functioning Rag. No acknowledgement from the Devs. No timeline. I've finally uninstalled Ark. I understand that things like the Extinction bugs are important to fix - but its literally been a year. We had like 3 weeks of a functional game. @Jatheish is there any plan for fixing this?
  7. Man I hope so haha. I considered getting a One X to fix this ish, but $500 is a lot to fix a game. Glad I didn't if even the X is having issues.
  8. Is there any chance that this issue will be resolved in the coming months? We're going on almost a year since it's been reported. There are 27 pages of replies. It was briefly fixed with the June update, but then the TLC update in July rebroke it. I've not been able to play Ark since July of this year.
  9. Hello Chris and Jen, I also feel like I want to chime in with everyone else. I bought Ark back when it was Early Access on Steam. The game instantly skyrocketed into one of my favorite games. The ability to go anywhere! Do anything! Holy moses, that was amazing. When it was announced that it would be coming to the Xbone I was ecstatic. I can play with my console peeps now! I'll be the first to admit, I'm beyond bitter still about the Flyer nerf. I get that it's a balancing thing, but why does that have to affect Single Player? But recently, it just seems like Wildcard has made enough money that those of us who've been here since the beginning are just peons and are ignored. Like "We've made our money, now be content with anything we give you." I can understand some of the bugs, but ones like the Ragnarok issue? We reported problems back in 12/2017. Jat looked into it for a while, and it was fixed by June of 2018. TLC update comes out in July, and it breaks again. Still no response from the Dev team on an issue that's been going since 12/2017. I loooooove Ark! The idea is awesome! I love the freedom afforded by the game. But the blatant lack of communication, the constant bugs, and the lack of fixing bugs instead of rolling out new material is alienating your player base. It was due to things like the Flyer nerf, and all the bugs, I decided that it was not worth buying Extinction/the annual pass - and was not terribly surprised when my buddies were having bugs. If things like the bugs for Ark cannot be fixed, and there is no communication from the Dev team, I really do not see how any further games out of Wildcard can succeed. I want to love this game. I sincerely hope that changes are made - ones that will facilitate people like myself and a couple of my console peeps coming back.
  10. Happy anniversary! I keep holding out hope that one day the Devs will actually do something aboot this. I tried switching to my Steam version since the Xbox version has been broke since June for me -but surprise, surprise. More bugs there too. Like resources won't respawn on the frackin' Steam version. The PC flagship version. Gawdsakes. I'll check back every couple of months to see if anything has changed. But at this point I, I've heard the Devs are working on a new game. WC has lost all my trust...
  11. Right on, thanks for the reply! I appreciate it. I might just uninstall Ark for right meow, since I've kind of gotten a little burned out on the Island. I might check back then just when Extinction gets finished up.
  12. Is there any end in sight for this issue? It was working briefly for like a month, but it's back to crashing. Even my buddy on the Xbox one S is having issues. Will this be addressed?
  13. Amen. I mean I love the Island, but having everything on Rag just makes the game for me. I just can't justify selling my One to buy a One X to have one game run :C
  14. @Jatheish Hey Jat, I know that the Devs are busy, but is there any update on this? I'm like right under the old bridge near the Blue Obi, but it will still crash once every 30-60 minutes, and dashboard me. It won't save any of my work, unless I force save it. I can't justify spending $500 on a One X to get this map to work for me, but this is my favorite map. The map seemed to function fine until the latest graphics update, which I kind of wonder if it's a GPU/RAM thing?
  15. Same with everyone. I get like maybe an hour into the game, and after a little while it crashes. Freaking annoying especially since it doesn't save that last hour. I almost kind of wonder if it had to do with the most recent color update sucking up RAM? I'm only on an Xbox One straight, but one of my friends is also having the same issue with his One S.
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