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  1. *Angelic singing, golden light descends onto the Xbox* Finally able to play Rag! Day made!
  2. FFS. Ragnarok is and has still been crashing. This is still. Not. A. New. Issue. Are there any plans at all to address this? Any at all? It's been over a year. 28 pages. Last reply was Jat in July 2018. I keep popping back into the community crunches hoping to see any kind of progress
  3. Was really hoping that the latest update would change things. I downloaded Ark again today just to test. Island? Functional - no crashes at all 2 hours of gameplay. Including raiding underwater caves. Rag? 45 minutes - 5 tames clustered around the modest 2 building base I have. Crash. Boot up again? 1 hour 15 minutes. DILO?! Finally uninstalled again.
  4. Here we are. A year later and still no closer to a functioning Rag. No acknowledgement from the Devs. No timeline. I've finally uninstalled Ark. I understand that things like the Extinction bugs are important to fix - but its literally been a year. We had like 3 weeks of a functional game. @Jatheish is there any plan for fixing this?
  5. Man I hope so haha. I considered getting a One X to fix this ish, but $500 is a lot to fix a game. Glad I didn't if even the X is having issues.
  6. Is there any chance that this issue will be resolved in the coming months? We're going on almost a year since it's been reported. There are 27 pages of replies. It was briefly fixed with the June update, but then the TLC update in July rebroke it. I've not been able to play Ark since July of this year.
  7. Hello Chris and Jen, I also feel like I want to chime in with everyone else. I bought Ark back when it was Early Access on Steam. The game instantly skyrocketed into one of my favorite games. The ability to go anywhere! Do anything! Holy moses, that was amazing. When it was announced that it would be coming to the Xbone I was ecstatic. I can play with my console peeps now! I'll be the first to admit, I'm beyond bitter still about the Flyer nerf. I get that it's a balancing thing, but why does that have to affect Single Player? But recently, it just seems like Wil
  8. Happy anniversary! I keep holding out hope that one day the Devs will actually do something aboot this. I tried switching to my Steam version since the Xbox version has been broke since June for me -but surprise, surprise. More bugs there too. Like resources won't respawn on the frackin' Steam version. The PC flagship version. Gawdsakes. I'll check back every couple of months to see if anything has changed. But at this point I, I've heard the Devs are working on a new game. WC has lost all my trust...
  9. Right on, thanks for the reply! I appreciate it. I might just uninstall Ark for right meow, since I've kind of gotten a little burned out on the Island. I might check back then just when Extinction gets finished up.
  10. Is there any end in sight for this issue? It was working briefly for like a month, but it's back to crashing. Even my buddy on the Xbox one S is having issues. Will this be addressed?
  11. So, by that logic then, if you bought a car from a dealership that was "Guaranteed" as inspected, and the engine ate it 5 months later, you would just accept that the dealership wasn't at fault and you'd just eat your money? I think where the frustration there stems from is that it was released as a finished game, that a lot of people paid good money for, but then just a couple of months after paying the money, it completely malfunctions and is unusable. Not to mention the fact that there was no acknowledgement that there even was an issue for 3 months. I'm very much in the sa
  12. Hey there! This actually has been an issue for a bunch of us. We've got another post going. Come join teh horde...
  13. Have to agree. I would have more understanding/sympathy in a kind of different case. If they'd have responded when this was originally discovered, and not like 2 months after we'd been ribbing then about it, fine. If the game was still in Alpha, fine. (I had a ton of patience in Alpha when a base would get wiped, but the game is no longer in Alpha it's "Finished") But I don't have any patience left. Along with a ton of the original posters, I posted back in January. They ignored us for close to two months. My support ticket wasn't even acknowledged for 3 weeks. I can o
  14. Hate to say it but 2 months to even acknowledge the issue, 2 more (potentially longer) for a fix? Think I'm done with Ark. Never had a game that would only function on the newest console version. Kinda sad since the game had such potential and was fun when it functioned but ffs.
  15. Agree with all saying Blue Obelisk/Caves. Honestly had it kind of all over the map. Near Red Obelisk (Where I parked my Mosa/Water Tames), but also near the Swamp Castle, picked up a beaver with intent to tame it on those plains.
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