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  1. tek gear???

    Don't underestimate the damage you need for the bosses, that's my tip. Aim for 600 % damage on your rexs, at least 10 of them and at least 5 riders with some imprinted and you should be good for easy broodmother.
  2. Ark patch 275 the impact the daeodon

    I think their use will be limited due to the amount of healing they can do for a given amount of food. I'd love to try 3 pigs on the back of a bronto sponge though. Super sponge!
  3. It might help increase the unicorn pop if nothing else
  4. New Item : Tek Trough

    It'd be a great idea if end game you could craft a feeding device that would also regrigerate foods. This would aid in raising dinos immensely and allow quite a few of us more than 3 hours of unbroken sleep during raising. The range could be limited in such a way that it could only be used for that purpose.
  5. Is it the case with all large structures that they are only connected to one point? Sucks to have lost a forge dude, they not cheap!
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    We leveled up the last of our 20 rexs to 700 damage. Next stop hard Broodmother!
  7. The BEST way to harvest metal

    This is your second thread on the same subject. Any need?
  8. Benefits of Ascension?

    You can stare at the new implant thinking "I earned that"
  9. flyer nerf

    Like most people I'm not a huge fan of the nerf but it has breathed life into the game by encouraging me to use more land dinos. My poor Argies are now just left in their aviary to get old.
  10. Your ARK Stories!

    First memorable experience of ark is flying an Anky up to the snow ob and dropping it somehow. Searching for a lost dino you love is a desperate experience but that expired when we read "Arnie (Anky's name) killed by Giga". We had not seen a Giga in the flesh by this point but had enough to tame one as we had anticipated this day would come. twenty mins of searching later and a lot more to trap it and more again to knock it out. We at last had our Giga lvl 50 (but that didn't matter!). He sits in our base towering over all but the Bronto and I like to think that Arnie is in there too.