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    So what did you do in ARK today?

    We leveled up the last of our 20 rexs to 700 damage. Next stop hard Broodmother!
  2. splinter321

    Your ARK Stories!

    First memorable experience of ark is flying an Anky up to the snow ob and dropping it somehow. Searching for a lost dino you love is a desperate experience but that expired when we read "Arnie (Anky's name) killed by Giga". We had not seen a Giga in the flesh by this point but had enough to tame one as we had anticipated this day would come. twenty mins of searching later and a lot more to trap it and more again to knock it out. We at last had our Giga lvl 50 (but that didn't matter!). He sits in our base towering over all but the Bronto and I like to think that Arnie is in there too.