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  1. Well thats Sony saying they wont cross platform with other consoles. Im talking about when WildCard mentioned Steam/PS4 which is different.
  2. Well WildCard keeps mentioning it and never following up with info lol
  3. Well there is some hope since they mentioned it once in early 2017 then again at E3, they must be some sort of insight they have from Sony or they would have kept quiet, at least one would think.
  4. Last I heard, they announced Cross Platform at E3. Something like PS4/Steam connected and Windows for PC/Xbox connected.
  5. Haven't found much info on this topic but has cross platform for PC to PS4 out yet? If not, when should it be coming? Is it releasing with the PS4 launch or what? Does anyone have info on how its going to work? Can PS4 players connect to current PC servers or will PC players have to connect to the PS4 servers?
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