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  1. So this is why the "state of the game" is utter sh*t huh? You spent all this time on expansions while the core game has been floundering for the last two years. Great ideas, great promise for the game, just absolute sh*t developers. Issues happen, but what they've chosen to focus on instead of addressing serious issues in their game including balancing issues is ridiculous. Flyers are still broken and the game is fully released. They promised for months to fix known bugs after all their content was out for the base game, never happened. Not one major issue was fixed. Some small ones, but the ones that absolutely ruin the game weren't. Probably won't ever try another wildcard product again until they can get their sh*t together. Honestly the game was better 8 months ago, seeing as none of the bugs got fixed anyways at least back then they didn't break the good things they had going for it. Sad to see such great potential in a game get killed by developers that don't know what they're doing.
  2. Sycojo

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Lol customer support is non-existent anyways. Wildcard is a joke.
  3. Sycojo

    Community Crunch 97 & ARK Steam Summer Sale!

    Meanwhile there's so much rubberbanding the game is unplayable. We're now five hours in the past just since this morning not including the rollbacks from yesterday. And it's a maturation event, doubt it gets extended even though only a day out of the last four days it was playable. Smh. Wish Ragnarok wasn't comming out till august so they could focus on fixing servers they already have first. Hard to get excited when you know only a couple hundred will be able to play the new map at a time out of thousands. Not to mention all the bugs that comes with new servers.
  4. Are you ever gonna get with the 21st century and let us predownload an update before it goes live? Tired of these 10gb downloads when we can download 9.9gb then you release the last .1gb to activate it. Will my babies starve? How much imprinting am I missing? For a game that has terrible balance issues regarding raising these updates are ridiculous. Wouldn't be so bad if you reduced baby consumption and increased imprinting from 3-4hrs to 8-9. It's dumb the working class won't ever get 100% imprint. Why even make it an option if it's impossible for everyone but high schoolers and unemployed people.
  5. Sycojo

    ARK at E3 & Community Crunch 95!

    With the addition of the tek cave, will wild gigas be getting balanced? A 250 giga with acendent saddle can't even stand up to a level 15 wild giga. Also with the water glitch fixed, will you be reworking consumption rates so there won't be a need to use such things? People used it so they could sleep and go to work with out letting their babies die. Either reducing the consumption rates or making it so they only grow while the food bar isnt empty are both good ways to address the issue. Sucks to fill three troughs and come back to find a dino you got to juv starved.
  6. WWWOOOOOWWWW. A whole day where the event was not only unplayable but babies starved, water dinos drown, anything with their head in the wall died. But the event doesn't get extended to make up for those bull poop deaths. PLEASE wildcard, DON'T do events. Please. I would rather play with out events than to have to suffer through these bugs that you don't even compensate players for every time you have an event. Every. Damn. Time. We can't even get through a weekend evolution event with out the servers going to poop. Most games when the developers screw something up they do something for the players. Nope, not wildcard though. Makes you wonder how they will do when the game is fully released. Customer support is non existent. Smh.
  7. Fish. Are. Drowning. A flyer nerf was important enough for them to implement. They can fix an issue with drowning fish if they have time for that. That's all I'm saying.
  8. And now the sweetest lady on our server lost her wyvern because it's head was through a wall and it suffocated. We all pitched in to help her get it and raise it. Such a terrible event. I hate roll backs but for her sake I hope it gets a 24hr roll back so she gets back her wyvern that died to bs lag issues. All you can see in chat is people talking about a baby or adult that died.
  9. That's exactly what I meant. Don't look for an argument where there is none.
  10. And now people's water tames are drowning, like how do fish drown in the water. I assume if there's a fix it will be to roll back the servers 24 hrs again? Smdh. Can't believe these bugs are still happening with one update left.
  11. happy two years of lag! Everyone's babies are starving to death because the lag is so bad right now. Between the lag and the water glitch getting fixed maybe you should consider reworking the consumption rate for babies until you can adress the lag that has been plaguing the servers since launch. It's dumb you can't go to work and have your babies live with out the glitch.
  12. Then why the hell would they have time for the flyer nerf. Now flyers are broken worse than before. Not to mention ANY 125+ flyer is better than every single 150 kibble tame. They also say they can't fix pvp and pve balances independently but they were able to make pve flyers not be able to pick up wild dinos. It has nothing to do with what they can't do and everything to do with they don't want to bother. A lot of issues are in fact easy fixes. You're aloud to think they're infallible, I'm aloud to think they need to do better. If people on pvp didn't cry flyers wouldn't have gotten broken in the first place. There no customization for flyers now, that's not a fix or even a nerf. That's a lazy way to put on a bandaid, they fixed nothing. Just created other issues and balance problems. We all love the game, but that doesn't mean we can't point out issues we notice or want the developers to stop taking short cuts like with the flyer nerf. Thanks for your opinion though. There are some issues that are as easy as changing the rate of a few things. They do it every single weekend as it is.
  13. I did before I even commented. Thanks though. There are issues I stated that can be fixed through simple rebalancing. The settings change every weekend for the event. Fixing some things in much the same way requires little to no effort on their part and wouldn't need touched again when another update comes out. There's so many issues simply saying all of them would need fixed and refixed is a false assumption for all issues. Like the flyer balance issues was done when they still had updates to do. They can just as easily revisit them just like they did before while updates still were comming out, so gtfo of here with that BS rhetoric. Flyers are more broken then before they tried to fix them. They can spend all of 1hr to rework their stamina at the verry least then address the other issues with flyers later. Like I said ONE fix per update would be nice.
  14. We get a toilet... meanwhile bugs are rarely addressed. And fliers are still unbalanced as hell. Not to mention you've built the console version so it can barely even handle the game. It sucks, but tune down the graphics or grounder clutter. Anything to alleviate the constant blue screens. Consoles aren't like pc, they all have the same system specs. The game should use those and not exceed them. Hope before the full release flyers get revisited because the flyer nerf was a lazy fix to balance them. People were just pumping speed so addressing that was fine. But tailoring your flyer to your needs is almost non existent now. It all goes to Stam for the first 40 levels. I would like to make a tape for weight, or for hp/melee just for fun. Not to mention having a base speed for all flyers is really lame on PVE, they can't even cross with pvp servers so they shouldn't be treated the same as them. Fix them independently of one another and don't treat them the same, because they're not. SotF has its own rules and so should pve and pvp. Not to mention all these other major bugs that they should address at least ONE for each update - dinosaurs/eggs/bodies falling into the floor - constant bluescreening on console - rollbacks every weekend - unbalanced flyer system - items falling through the ground when you drop something from inventory - and with the water glitch getting fixed some dinos need their consumption reworked. People use it in the first place so they can go to work and not worry about babies starving to death. Or get 6 hrs of sleep before they have to feed them again. - a fix for platforms BESIDES taking them out of the game. If pvp is the issue, give them a more useful saddle for their needs and leave the platform on pve. It's great for contracting in the air or grabbing eggs that glitch either way up because the dino shot a turd rocket right after laying or to grab from the floor below. - the volcano...that crashes the game when you go to it on console. - tribe leaders quiting the game and not promoting an heir leaving everyone on limbo under punishment of starting over all building in a new tribe. There should be a way for an admin to inherit tribal authority. - imprinting should be less often so the working class can attempt 100% imprint and not just high schoolers on summer break. Rather have longer intervals with greater cost. Just to name a few...I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. It's a great game and still would be with out new content, but some of the bugs listed are major bugs and need addressed before the release and it would be nice to know they are working on solutions instead of making toilets...
  15. Boohoo volcano. This has been the worst trade deal in the history of maybe ever.