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  1. OMG! When I start it via the CMD it opens... otherwise not. No matter if normal or as admin. WOW, thanks Microsoft.
  2. I used the fresh download under Win 10 earlier. It worked there. It even runs on my Windows Server 2022. I have now reinstalled the runtime and the desktop runtime again, unfortunately without success. Can I somehow debug / record the start?
  3. The same AV is installed on both machines (bitdefender). I have deactivated it as a test without success.
  4. First of all, many thanks to Mirage I somehow can't get the Ark Viewer to run under Windows 11. I have already installed .Net 6.0 Desktop runtime and the normal runtime. No error message and there is nothing in the event log. It simply won't start. Everything works on my Windows 10 PC. Does anyone have any ideas?
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