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  1. why tf would we care about 3x crops?? just make more crop plots... we need gather rate at 3x pls
  2. i was bickering about wildcard. i didnt mean to offend you or anything but im not the first person to do it. and if not move it why not extend it? *so i cant post on any of the forums after this? now whos childish
  3. hells yeah... just about everyone i know who plays would have to be unemployed to take advantage of this.... how many people you think take days off during the week lol
  4. @Jatheish how about moving the event to the weekend so its not just the unemployed who get the fun
  5. uh why is the event during the week?? what about thos of us with jobs? lol you guys are nuts i know valentines day falls during the week but cmon what a joke
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