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  1. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    I dont understand. Why cant we have flyer speed back? Even just put a cap on it? And why can't we just have more Stamina on them? You said you would buff them over time but i only ever saw one or two buffs. Make flyers good again pleeeease
  2. Question About Flyer Nerf

    Thanks for the info everyone
  3. So exactly how bad is the Flyer Nerf V2? are pteras still just base gnomes, and are wyverns somewhat useable? thanks for your help in advance
  4. Where to live?

    Xbox One
  5. Where to live?

    Wow really informative, thanks a lot😄
  6. Dung beetle not producing fertilizer

    Just kill it, they're easy to replace😂😉
  7. Where to live?

    Where is the top places to live? Every water vein I find is taken and I keep getting wiped no matter where I build. Any ideas?
  8. So i can't sleep in my Quetz anymore? :'(
  9. Some people just want to watch the world burn...
  10. Is it just me, or is anyone else waiting for them to say "April Fools!!"?
  11. Well, they said that they wanted to know what the community thought of this update, and it's pretty damn clear that they should roll back the flyer nerf. Some things will just always be a part of the meta and you can't change that without breaking the game. Congratulations on breaking the game