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  1. s3aHaWKS

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Hasn't even been a year
  2. s3aHaWKS

    Griffin TLC pass?

    TLC doesn't necessarily mean a buff. It just means a complete redo. They haven't even been out for 9 months so they're fine the way they are. Take the Diplodocus or the carno for example. Both essentially useless and really need some work done. And for breeding I don't think that'll ever come. Tamed Griffins are already on par with most other bred dinos in the game, breeding them would make them even more overpowered
  3. s3aHaWKS

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    @TheRightHand since you guys clearly only care about what important people have to say... please watch both of these videos. You guys say that you listen to the community, but you clearly don't, so how about you actually listen to us for ONE DAMN TIME. Even more ironic, you guys don't listen to the people that are actually playing official PvP, because clearly you guys don't play it.
  4. s3aHaWKS

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    But we are fine with 2.5fps like nobody cares
  5. s3aHaWKS

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Please listen to us. Not like you "listened" to us on the flier nerf. Nobody cares if we have 1 frame per second. That's Ark! We like the way the game is now, and theoretically with the launch of the full game, raiding should be scaled up, not down! Thousands of people have signed a petition that hasn't even been out for 12 hours, begging you guys to push it back. Please listen to us and at least try to reconsider your options. You will lose a lot of players doing this, and it is not something that can be so simply undone. Ark being laggy is just a part of the game
  6. s3aHaWKS

    Turret change discussion megathread

    https://www.change.org/p/mother-raptoring-ark-devs-no-100-turret-limit/w?source_location=notifications_page Everyone sign!!!!! We already have 2000+ supporters in 4 hours!!!!! Le silence des les peuples est la leçon des rois - Honoré Gabriel Riqueti
  7. s3aHaWKS

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Here you go WildCard. You guys always say you wanna hear from the players and what we have to say. This petition has been up for 4 hours. EVERYONE would rather have a laggy base but at least still have purpose to the game. So how about you actually listen to us for once instead of saying you will *cough* flier nerf *cough* *cough* and actually reverse this dumb decision. https://www.change.org/p/mother-raptoring-ark-devs-no-100-turret-limit/w?source_location=notifications_page
  8. s3aHaWKS

    ARK Digest Question Collection!

    I dont understand. Why cant we have flyer speed back? Even just put a cap on it? And why can't we just have more Stamina on them? You said you would buff them over time but i only ever saw one or two buffs. Make flyers good again pleeeease