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  1. On 11/7/2022 at 1:43 AM, DannyTom said:

    so you query every 5 mins and compare it to the last query to see what changed as far as join/leave?

    Nothing quite so clever I'm afraid. Every five minutes the json files on the webserver get updated with current stats. To see the change on the website you'd have to refresh. I couldn't be bothered to code in an Ajax refresh if I'm honest given how few people will use the site.

  2. Ark ULTRA PC is back under new ownership after the recent sudden shut down by the previous owners. We are fully paid up with our hosting for the next year and with finances already in place for beyond that so there will be no sudden shut downs in the future.


    We are a well established gaming community with an active discord consisting of 2200+ members and growing. We are excited to host a PVE cluster of servers for the steam version of ARK. In addition to 8 full time maps, we also offer a rotating five-weekly full wipe server with three additional maps (Valguero, Crystal Isles & Scorched Earth) on rotation. We have an active team of friendly admins who are available to assist, as well as a support ticketing system in our Discord.

    Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/aZhh5mjtBQ


    ULTRA - The Island - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Ragnarok - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Extinction - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Aberration - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Lost Island - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Genesis 1 - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Genesis 2 - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Fjordur - - steam://connect/
    ULTRA - Rotation - - steam://connect/


    Structures Plus
    Dino Storage V2
    Super Spyglass
    Castles, Keeps and Forts Remastered
    Castles, Keeps and Forts Science Fiction
    Eco's RP Decor
    Crafting Skill Potion
    GameServerApp Integration

    Modpack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2870329019

    Server side plugins:

    RconCrossServerChat (Full cross cluster global chat)
    TidyDams (Beaver dams are automatically destroyed if only wood is left in them)
    Suicide (Gives a /suicide command in global chat to kill yourself if stuck)


    3 x XP
    3 x Harvesting
    5 x Taming
    30 x Egg hatching
    30 x Baby mature speed
    10 x Platform saddle structure limit
    Unlimited mindwipes
    Server difficulty 6 (max wild level 180)
    Server side stack and weight adjustments
    No tamed dino level cap

    We also have an in-game and web shop using tokens that we give out a small amount for FREE to online players multiple times a day and with the option to buy additional tokens should you wish to (any funds received for buying tokens go straight back to the running costs of the servers).

    More items are being added to the shop all the time.


    Web shop can be viewed here: https://supporter.arkultrapc.com/shop

  3. You definitely don't need the rcon password for some information like player lists. I've not looked into what exactly it's doing but I use php source query on our clusters website ( http://www.arkultrapc.com ) to get player lists and no where are the rcon passwords set in it. I'm not at home so can't check the code but if you find it on github you'll be able to check the php function to see what he's doing to get it.


    Edit: sorry, re-reading the thread, I may have told you something you already knew. I'm not sure about actual join/leave triggers. I just query the servers every 5 minutes for our website.

  4. @cad Another small bug I've noticed.


    If you edit any creature that has a cooldown/growing status, it doesn't carry that over to the edit page so when you save it, it loses the cooldown timer in the library for that creature.


    Edit: actually just double checked myself and it does seem to carry it to the edit page but doesn't carry it back to the library when you save.

  5. 16 hours ago, cad said:

    There was a bug just found that colors are not imported if you use the bulk import. This will be fixed soon. Did you use that?

    Yes, always do, I tend to have loads exported at once and just bulk import them. Many thanks for the quick update.👍


    Edit: can confirm since the last update, my latest batch bulk imported successfully imported the colours.

  6. Hi @cad not sure if this is me doing something daft or missing a setting (usually is lol) but for some reason when I import dinos the colours are no longer brought into ASB with all the other information as a result I now have quite a lot of holes in my colours lists for bred animals.

    This has been going on for quite a while I just kept forgetting to ask in here about it.




    Am I missing a setting somewhere that's been added or is this a bug?

  7. On 4/21/2021 at 10:11 PM, cad said:

    Hi, that looks like a bug. That feature is implemented for some years now and I never saw that issue. Does this wrong highlighting as a top creature (golden background) also persists after you restarted the application?

    Definitely looks like it's just not counting speed in its calculations, can this be fixed if possible please? (or have I missed a config setting somewhere for it maybe?)



    I've also noticed the "Cooldown/Growing" column isn't being populated at all when importing exported babies anymore. This is in the last couple of versions this has changed as it absolutely used to.

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