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  1. My friend is trying to join the pvt server I am on but when he gets to the point where the game starts loading in the mods, it gets to 5/19 mods loaded and then the game crashes and restarts. He made sure to subscribe to the mods first before actually downloading them plus he has tried unsubscribing from mods, deleting them from mod folder, verifying game files through steam and then starting the whole process over and downloading the mods but he still gets the same issue. Anyone have any suggestions on how else to fix this?
  2. @Jatheish any idea on a fix for this. I have tried your suggestions plus the other suggestions that were made and I still can't get onto The Island in SP and MP but I can get on Rag and SE?
  3. Proximo

    The Island crashes

    After 5 months of not playing Ark I tried yesterday to jump on SP The Island but when it went to load to the screen to make a character my game would close completely then automatically reopen. I also tried to get on a official The Island server and couldn't but had no problem joining SE or Rag for SP or MP. I verified my files through steam and also re-downloaded the game but I still have the same issue. Anyone have an idea of what may be causing my game to crash when I try and play on The Island map?
  4. Proximo

    Release Date

    It's late August now. Forget the exact date though.
  5. Proximo

    Sky is too bright with blue hue

    Try turning off light bloom and light shafts in your option menu.
  6. Proximo

    Disappearing Dino

    My tribe lost a Rex, mammoth, anky, doed, and saber at our north base via the disappearing bug. They weren't newly tamed but all the sudden they were gone one day with no death messages or anything.
  7. Proximo

    New player need help

    I've seen those post also, to be honest I think its a crap shoot for when you will actually get help. If a chest is on a foundation and it demolishes a bag drops with the loot from the chest in it but has a despawn timer on it which isn't that long. With a raft though I'm not sure of how the timers work on them or how long they last.
  8. Proximo

    New player need help

    I did this same thing when I first started playing, I joined a tribe instead of merging our tribes together. WC can help you get your items back but when I put a ticket in for this same issue it took them so long to get back to me and then actually help me all my dino's starved to death and everything demolished except my foundations and what was sitting on those foundations. They are horrible at helping anyone in a timely manner so I would say don't get your hopes up and expect to lose most of your things.
  9. Proximo

    How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    Just stick to the shallows and you will be fine.
  10. I submitted a ticket for an issue I had where I joined another tribe but none of my belongings came with me.  I received a general email with a few topics included and one says that you guys aren't assisting with lost/stuck/killed dinos.  Does my situation fall in the lost category since technically I didn't physically loose them I just lost access to them.

    1. Proximo


      My ticket was submitted 6 days ago and I have yet to receive any kind of response or solution.  Is there any way this could be looked at soon so that I'm not a risk of loosing all my things?


      Request #320419