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  1. Why is everything so bright?

    Try turning off light bloom and light shafts in your option menu.
  2. How's it going 0311rah? Tribemate and I joined a pvt server of a guy who we used to play with on Officials. He is running a PVE boosted server along with mods and is an active admin with over 1900 hrs played. Server restarts every morning at 5am to ensure it run's smoothly. Here is the info for it. CamelotX is a family friendly server we help eachother rather you are in the tribe or not.Our server is a save the drama for your momma server. No land grabbing or resource blocking in our server as well. other than that go out and have fun. so if u want a drama free server and just to have fun and have active admins then give our server a try feel freee to add me in to ur friends list. IP discord Map: Ragnarok XP: x3 Tame:x7 Harvest: x3 time between breeding is 0.5 so faster times to be able to breed again. Baby mature speed is x10 Egg hatching x10 Max Player level: 100 Wild Dino lvl: 300 castle and keeps (764755314) stackmemore ( 680481868) Ark Advance 10 (572277026) Meat Spoiler (569786012) becan enhancer mod (609425335) classic flyers (895711211) Structures Plus (S+) (731604991)
  3. Disappearing Dino

    My tribe lost a Rex, mammoth, anky, doed, and saber at our north base via the disappearing bug. They weren't newly tamed but all the sudden they were gone one day with no death messages or anything.
  4. New player need help

    I've seen those post also, to be honest I think its a crap shoot for when you will actually get help. If a chest is on a foundation and it demolishes a bag drops with the loot from the chest in it but has a despawn timer on it which isn't that long. With a raft though I'm not sure of how the timers work on them or how long they last.
  5. New player need help

    I did this same thing when I first started playing, I joined a tribe instead of merging our tribes together. WC can help you get your items back but when I put a ticket in for this same issue it took them so long to get back to me and then actually help me all my dino's starved to death and everything demolished except my foundations and what was sitting on those foundations. They are horrible at helping anyone in a timely manner so I would say don't get your hopes up and expect to lose most of your things.
  6. Figured it was you just thought I would check though to see if someone else had the exact same thing happen to them.
  7. Clubs and Troodons

    Didn't you see the 3 different threads that had to be shut down because there was over 1400 comments on all of them with almost everyone saying they hated the nerf? I don't know exact metrics but I would guess 90% said they disagreed with the nerf and voiced their displeasure. I also remember someone posting that Ark's rating on Steam went from in the 70's to the high 40's after the nerf. Also Steam has the classic flyer mod that can be downloaded that reverts the flyers back to pre-flyer nerf and it has 126k subscribers to it. I think these numbers speak for themselves.
  8. Clubs and Troodons

    What forums have you been reading? Most of the community hated the nerf of the flyers. I do agree with you though on the Troodons, I don't go outside my base without my saber.
  9. How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    Just stick to the shallows and you will be fine.
  10. Yinzer not to go off topic but I'm assuming your from Pittsburgh?
  11. Quetzal Taming

    If only I had the time to raise one from a egg that would be awesome. But I don't have that kind of time lol.
  12. Quetzal Taming

    Exactly what we did and it worked perfectly.
  13. Quetzal Taming

    This was the method we actually used to chase down the lvl 75. So if your on console you should still be able to do it once you guys get the nerf.
  14. Proper block of air drops?

    Will do. Thanks