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  1. Anyone want to take wagers on the numbers of hours the OP has spent in the "buggy mess" of Ark? People swearing the game isn't worth $10 usually have thousands of hours played and that makes me laugh. Hard.
  2. I assume heavy medication was involved.
  3. And it's kind of sad, because the way the game is built it should be epic alliances of tribe vs tribe warfare for control of the best resource spawn zones or important crossroads, rivers, etc. Instead, it's some level 120 twink on a level 500 wyvern smashing thatch houses on The Island. For Ark2: Have server progression be one-way. If you ascend to a higher map, you can't come back down with things that don't belong on the lower level map.
  4. All morning I have been giggling because my answer today is, "I put metal spike walls on my greenhouse roof to fend off the Great Seagull Invasion".
  5. While it's very cool to complete the story on a map and then upgrade your survivor and their tames to the next higher map, there really is no purpose in allowing people to move the survivors backward except to grief people just starting. I know, pvp happens on pvp servers, but is it really pvp if your little stone fort, guarded by dilo turrets, is attacked by 3 level 400 lighting-spewing dragons? Watching several days of labor burn in under a minute isn't fun.
  6. How friendly and welcoming are you to less experienced players?
  7. Hear me out on this: We all know that server lag, instability, and other players are things that Ark doesn't do well. So why not make a part of the game more interesting by... ...fixing procedurally generated maps. When you play single player (or host your own, etc), you select which biomes you want (DLC Alert: You guys can sell biome DLCs!) along with some base settings (water amount, hill/mountain amount, resources, etc). With the things we assume about Ark2 (NPC humans settlements!), this could make Ark2 essentially a fantasy exploration MMO (DLC Alert:
  8. I doubt anyone would miss it because it has never really worked right. I really, really wish it WOULD work, because then I would probably exclusively play PGMs
  9. So I decided to try Prim+ for the first time and I thought my computer had hung. What in the name of quarantine locked down state is the issue?
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