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  1. i bet yall saying this is BS say all live matter huh
  2. for all of you saying this, you realize you dont have to use a giga right ??
  3. maybe if you used your brain you would know there isnt even a mission terminal anywhere near the big lunar cave, doli just posted saying its a bugg that the mission icon is showing. the cave was intended for to build in, so stop being salty
  4. lol somones salty they didnt get the base cave , and we found out we can stay in it
  5. Agreed no one in my tribe wants to grind now and add to the base cause it may get demoed, now they all said if it does they are quitting gen
  6. im built in this cave and i need answers as well man complete unfair for us to move locations if we have to
  7. exactly SOOOOOO MANY tribes are built in this cave its legit the only good spot on this map, for pvp you cant just tell somone to move like that. cause all the other decent spots will be gone so its just a rip for your whole progress
  8. that's super unfair about big lunar cave. its literally the best spot on the map and a bunch of tribe are built in it. it not our fault you messed up and had it build able when genesis was released. PLEASE consider that cave to be build able. there arent even any mission near it
  9. All of you complaining about you bought genesis so you deserve to know when its released is your own fault. stop buying preorders from poopty game studios like this one. you gave them your money already and now they will do what ever they wants since they already cash the check in
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