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  1. Can't fix glitches on Xbox As the title says, this is a pretty big issue and surely shouldn't still be around. Another update rolls out today and no mention of a fix still.
  2. I can promise you the map will be called arrat prime that much is pretty much certain, also tempted to say arrat prime is the space station in the sky on genesis, unsure why you can see it in the simulation when array prime is the real world control station for the arks
  3. No servers found Anyone else been having an issue for the last 24 hours where it takes around half an hour to load server lists if they can be found at all?
  4. Quick transfer question Can we take stuff to abberation yet (had a good year or so off from the game) Rex's etc can you cryo them take them to ab and use them yet or is it still ab Dino's only thanks. Official server
  5. How many people roughly are active could well be interested
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