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  1. LOL, have you played the game??? the answer is broken mechanics. A dire bear that is nothing but bulky muscle and kills raptors in seconds should not be at any risk of being overpowered by them. Please, use some logic. I havent been killed in quite some time by anything smaller than a boss so thats not an issue. It is an annoyance and waste of time, on top of being a broken mechanic. try to to think before you attempt another poor excuse of a response.
  2. It negates the use of riding all dinos smaller than a rex. Makes no sense than a raptor can pin a Carno or Bear. That it can dismount me from my dino is absurd and annoying. Absolutely terrible "feature" they've added.
  3. Really? We are back to this? When is the XBL PC update going to be released? Next month?
  4. You guys getting rid of the stupid raptor dismounts yet?
  5. 51 GB UPDATE???? What in the world am I looking at???? This is the size of a NEW GAME. How is this lunacy making any sense???
  7. Absolutely insane there was NO warning of this update in server.
  8. Why can't wild card figure out how to update this game? It has been out for YEARS. How can you guys not get this together? There needs to be a rollback to about ten minutes ago.
  9. A bit late but, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  10. The chibis, while interesting, look pretty dumb. It should be just a scaled down character model, not some weird dis morphed creature. One should also be able to collect all of them. Getting nonstop trikes, moschops, and mammoths is annoying. The gachaclaus' seemed to be useless as well. You needed to be able to feed them hundreds of coal to even start getting uncommon chibis. Where did the placed Christmas items go? Halloween items stuck around for quite a while before the turkey trials kicked in. There was nothing in the posts about the items decomposing once the event ends. The trees should also get the winter theme as well, just like they did for the fall theme. In the end I got some neat things, especially green and red abherrant dire bears so that was worth it. Next time for the Christmas tree and wreath, try to stick with the same type of colors as the actual Christmas light strands, the overabundance of purple threw off the feel. And I know I'm getting into the details here but I kept seeing "holiday tree" or "holiday stocking" what is that? Those are Christmas specific decorations, everyone knows this, including the vast majority of your player base that celebrates Christmas. Let's have a bit more accuracy in the details next year.
  11. So..... Where did all the placed Christmas items go? I distinctly remember that Halloween stuff stuck around a couple weeks. Where is all the placed Christmas items? I learned my lesson that to keep stuff it needed to be placed by event end after Halloween, and now everything is gone. You people really need to tell everyone how this stuff will play out if you won't be consistent.
  12. I noticed this issue randomly was added in and I cant seem to change the keybindings to avoid it, thank you for help!
  13. How to stop throwing shoulder pet when accessing target inventory? I use this key on my keyboard alllllllll the time and now I keep tossing my shoulder pet left and right, what do I do to stop the throwing???
  14. So what was the problem and how are you guys going to make sure it won't happen again?
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