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  1. Yeah, all of that is against the rules. Before the game went live, I took pictures of a tribe with all their dinos lined up with dollar amounts for names, they tried to harass and stalk people in real life, kited people, blocked spawns, blocked bases from expanding. It was insane. All of that picture evidence sent in and nothing happened. Your best bet is simply to leave the server. Yes, it sucks but, why waste time being angrily nervous about imminent trolling when you can start fresh and enjoy the game between the times you Ark'd?
  2. LOL, have you played the game??? the answer is broken mechanics. A dire bear that is nothing but bulky muscle and kills raptors in seconds should not be at any risk of being overpowered by them. Please, use some logic. I havent been killed in quite some time by anything smaller than a boss so thats not an issue. It is an annoyance and waste of time, on top of being a broken mechanic. try to to think before you attempt another poor excuse of a response.
  3. It negates the use of riding all dinos smaller than a rex. Makes no sense than a raptor can pin a Carno or Bear. That it can dismount me from my dino is absurd and annoying. Absolutely terrible "feature" they've added.
  4. A bit late but, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  5. Is this the latest info where I find why PC players on crossplay cant even play the game? I don't get why any other info would even be in the pipeline without details on why the game does not work on a portion of its available systems.
  6. Well this quickly went from, sweet, exciting, let's see what is going on to, well nothing kills the turkey, except maybe a giga. Lame. Seems they are troodon skins with how jumpy they are so assuming you can even land every shotgun sho,t they flee on every reload animation. Lame.
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