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  1. Introduction Acquired 1692 hours in Ark, looking to join a tribe on official. Hardcore farmer, discord is Pluto#3315
  2. Intro 1671 hours played, 400 of which are on Nerd Patade Unofficial. Played with a small tribe then we were wiped and joined an alpha mega tribe. Hardcore farmer, always doing metal runs. Looking to get back into Ark especially Genesis Discord - Pluto#3315
  3. Introduction Acculated 1671 hours in Ark. Just looking to get back into official again. I love to grind and farm. 400 hours are from unofficial Discord: Pluto#3315
  4. Haven't played since December 2018. Looking to get back into Ark. I've always been a farmer/grinder to help out the tribe. I've got the week off and want to no-life Ark for the week!!! Pluto#3315 I've played SE, Island, a bit of ragnarok. First 400 hours were played on unofficial, then I transitioned to official and joined a small tribe on SE. Spent 200 hours with them before we were wiped. One of my tribe mates found an alpha German tribe who we eventually joined. Then I just spent the rest of my playtime with them, learning patience, Ark Mechanics and much more! Did countless
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