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  1. Name: Matt

    AGE: 29

    Timezone: Pacific

    Hours: Anytime (usually random)

    How many hours you can play a day: 4-8

    Previous Official server/experience/tribes (if applicable): Several official servers/been playing of and on since launch/ Inglorious/Maruaders/Red Hatchets

    SE experienced: 309

    Your best qualities (IE Farming,PvP etc): Love Farming/ Taming/ Building

    Steam Name/URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198051154014

    Discord?: Immortal Silver#5742 ( I also have team speak )

  2. Name: Myakkajoe (aka sofakinghot)

    AGE: 35


    Hours: Flexible

    How many hours you can play a day: 3-5

    Previous Official server/experience/tribes (if applicable): Server 10 Faction Black, Server 367 Eminence. Took a break for a while, screwing around on server 50 presently

    SE experienced: played over 960 hours on Ark

    Your best qualities (IE Farming,PvP etc): All around, but enjoy farming

    Steam Name/URL: Timmy123456

    Discord : Sofa King Hot #5220

  3. Hey mate, give me an add on steam

    Burls same display pic

  4. Name-Kyle

    Age 17(Might be a concern but talk to me I'm calm collected and very mature.)

    Time Zone EST

    Hours 1591 All Official PVP 

    Hours a day 2-12hours 

    Previous Official Servers

    Server 26(Release-Feb2016). Server 465 Alpha. I've played on other servers solo messing around.

    SE Experienced- Yes very have raised wyverns solo 

    My best quality- Farming Materials. And I'm selfless.

    Steam Name-Lax http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119429628/

    1. iiSnarfySnarfzZ


      Now this is how you find new players

  5. why did you kick me from the tribe?

  6. I sent you an invite.

    1. IRONBOT


      are you oreos and cream

    2. IRONBOT


      bruh u kicked me for no reason

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