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  1. Few returnee and pvp newbie questions Hi, i have returned to ark after few years of break (back then i played PvE) - so im kinda returnee, kinda new to PvP - and i have few questions about current game state and general mechanics. 1) Is imprinting of dinos such pain in the a.. as it was before? Where you basically had to be online every 4 hours, no matter you had real life (job, need of sleep, social life, etc.), or is there some way to fully imprint dino without need to sacrifice all your life to this game? 2) I saw some pvp videos, where guys with 1500+ armor in flak just ran to
  2. I had same problem, it took over 90gigs of space on disc, where it was not even supposted to be (disc where steam is installed) - i completely uninstalled game and instealled again, now it patched fine, but i havent started it as i went to work, so i cant tell if battleeye works
  3. Latest patch disc requirements Hello, i have some problems with current patch and its disc usage. I have my steam installed on 250gb ssd system disc, but steam game directory is on 1 TB disc. Before latest patch, I had around 100gb taken on "game disc" and probably some to me unknown data on steam disc. After todays patch, i got ark taking 90gb data on system disc in steam folder so my ssd is completely full and i cannot proceed with update and it is taking over 90gb of space, where it shouldnt be at all. I am currently trying to reinstall ark completely to see, if it will help.
  4. Forum censorship? Hello, yesterday, I wrote here topic about me and my friend returning to ark after 2 years and being instanly wiped twice from oficial servers by existing tribes. I also asked for some advice of how to approach next server. But today that topic was probably deleted, when i tried to get to its url i got forum error. I dont recall writing anything inappropriate, so did it got deleted because it openly stated that this game is completely unfriendly to new players, or why is it not present here anymore?
  5. Current game state for returnees Hello, I have few questions about current official network server status and hopefully some advice of what to do next. Last week, I returned to ark after 2 years of not playing, together with friend, who didnt play for around year. We were looking for some low profile pvp as 2 man tribe, but we got wiped on two servers almost instantly. First we played on classic cluster Island, because we thought we would have better chance there, without traveling alpha tribes and without TEK, which in our opinion just ruined the game completely. We had small bas
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