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  1. Few returnee and pvp newbie questions Hi, i have returned to ark after few years of break (back then i played PvE) - so im kinda returnee, kinda new to PvP - and i have few questions about current game state and general mechanics. 1) Is imprinting of dinos such pain in the a.. as it was before? Where you basically had to be online every 4 hours, no matter you had real life (job, need of sleep, social life, etc.), or is there some way to fully imprint dino without need to sacrifice all your life to this game? 2) I saw some pvp videos, where guys with 1500+ armor in flak just ran to base and C4ed it, while wall of 20+ auto turrets did little to no damage to him, even tho it was shooting quite long to them - is this a thing in official pvp servers, or was it thing of unofficial or alredy patched up? 3) Generally - Are rexes still go to dinos for boss fights, or did meta switch? Saw some vids with therizinos and i know about megatheriums for BM. 4) If auto turret has something blocking it from shooting to target (spike wall for example) - will it stop shooting, or will it deplete all its ammo into blockage? 5) Can you somehow limit range of your dinos when they are atacked - when someone is offline raiding you and and you dont want them to lead your dinos completely away, but you want them to move (so you dont overweight them). 6) Are "wild dino bombs" still a thing? 7) If you are in tribe and transfer to another server, then transfer back, will you be back in original tribe, or you need to get invited into it again? Thanks for any answers
  2. I had same problem, it took over 90gigs of space on disc, where it was not even supposted to be (disc where steam is installed) - i completely uninstalled game and instealled again, now it patched fine, but i havent started it as i went to work, so i cant tell if battleeye works
  3. Latest patch disc requirements Hello, i have some problems with current patch and its disc usage. I have my steam installed on 250gb ssd system disc, but steam game directory is on 1 TB disc. Before latest patch, I had around 100gb taken on "game disc" and probably some to me unknown data on steam disc. After todays patch, i got ark taking 90gb data on system disc in steam folder so my ssd is completely full and i cannot proceed with update and it is taking over 90gb of space, where it shouldnt be at all. I am currently trying to reinstall ark completely to see, if it will help. When i uninstalled it from steam, i got freed 90+gb on system disc and over 120gb on game disc - is this standard behaviour of ark update? Because if it is, some ppl might not be able to update at all, if game requires 100+gb on disc, where it is not supposted to even be installed. I have installed classic ark, SE, center, ragnarok and valguero.
  4. Forum censorship? Hello, yesterday, I wrote here topic about me and my friend returning to ark after 2 years and being instanly wiped twice from oficial servers by existing tribes. I also asked for some advice of how to approach next server. But today that topic was probably deleted, when i tried to get to its url i got forum error. I dont recall writing anything inappropriate, so did it got deleted because it openly stated that this game is completely unfriendly to new players, or why is it not present here anymore?
  5. Current game state for returnees Hello, I have few questions about current official network server status and hopefully some advice of what to do next. Last week, I returned to ark after 2 years of not playing, together with friend, who didnt play for around year. We were looking for some low profile pvp as 2 man tribe, but we got wiped on two servers almost instantly. First we played on classic cluster Island, because we thought we would have better chance there, without traveling alpha tribes and without TEK, which in our opinion just ruined the game completely. We had small base hidden in forest near south-east iron mountain, but after 2 days we got raided and next day, we understand from chat, that local 20+ man alpha tribe is raiding newcomer bases, so we decided, that this is no place for us, as our base already got raided once and was exposed, so we went looking for new server. Our second stop was SmallTribes Island map, we again built small base hidden in forest closer to volcano and started to farm again. In less than 24 hours, we got completely zeroed by someone with MEK, we got our base ruined, all our stuff taken and those few gather dinos we got were killed. So my question is, if there is any way for small tribe to actually grow to point, where their base is able to survive first troll that finds it? Is there any tactic that works? Some specific map, specific locations, specific playstyle, etc? I know that first answer will be to "hide your stuff in stashes", but we would probably quit game before getting somewhere, because we would have to build new farming base every single day and get raided every single day. Our goal isnt to be some kind of "small alpha", we just aim to point ,where we could have safe-ish base, to do some pvp and pve, basically enjoying game all around. We want to get to point, where we would have at least some remote chance to defend ourselves, and when we would get raided, we could say that at least we tried and raider didnt have it completely free. But at this point, where we get completely zeroed by first noob with MEK, just because he can do it risk-free, this seems unrealistic. Are all official pvp servers this "cancerous", or did we just had bad luck?
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