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  1. problem with todays patch ANyone else having problems? My download is stuck at 346.4 out of 427.6 and wont go any further. ANy ideas?
  2. Expensive Bugs are Driving me Mad Ark and Genesis are so buggy its driving me mad. The latest disaster: Spent a lot of time building a brontosaurus platform base in the Bog Was travelling with a pack of animals (including some low rex's and wolfs as protection) and walked into a water hole. No big deal got the rex's out and everything else got themselves out but the bronto couldn't climb. IT WAS NOT USING OXYGEN as the water where it was standing while I looked for a climbable point wasn't deep. It then just died. From full health. For no reason. Seriously the bugs just make me want to quit.
  3. Lava Bombs are targetted I am convinced that there is a deliberate targeting mechanism in the volcano lava bombs. Today: My base in the west had never seen an impact near it - today a direct hit that destroyed 2/3 of it I transferred to east zone - killed before I even got my mount out by a direct hit Built a trap and had just trapped a lvl 140 allosaur - direct hit that killed the allosaur and destroyed the trap. This cant be a co-incidence
  4. Safe Building Areas in Lava Zone My beautiful base which i thought was safe just got nuked by the volcano (West Zone). Are there any areas people know of where building is safe? Apart from the tunnel type spots where you have rock above of course.
  5. Have Tier 3 Loot Crates been Nerfed I just opened a Tier 3 loot crate and got, well, garbage. It was 1 gun (assault rifle) and 2 bits of armor. There were ZERO resources or building parts Is this a new thing, if so they are now pointless?
  6. Help: Insta death in lava biome - and I dont know why Hopefully someone can explain this. I was riding my favourite 250 direwolf in the lava biome and then was insta killed. All armor destroyed and my dog has vanished. There is no message of it dying but its gone. I was in the West zone and exiting a tunnel. I have no idea what happened and how to avoid it and how to find my dog. Any clues?
  7. How do you kill a parakeet fish school I level 55 school has just destroyed everything and killed all my tames. (hours and hours of work) How do you kill them?
  8. I deleted my entire game file by mistake. Lost absolutely everything. After a lot of screaming I decided to restart completely on Genesis. Yes I am enjoying it. The bog is NOT easy but its a great challenge. I really need them to open up transfers of animals so I can go back to Val.
  9. Can Flyers be enabled on single player? Flying is such an integral and enjoyable part of Ark it just isnt the same without flyers. Is it possible to enable on single player? No I dont want a bloodstalker - I hate them
  10. Haha that made me laugh. That should be the new byline for the game
  11. Tips for Genesis - The Swamp A note for newbies. For a new character (lvl 1) the swamp is tough. (This is not a criticism - I am enjoying the challenge) Watch your surroundings carefully for raptors and daedon - both are certain death until you have levelled up. (speed and stamina and you can outrun them, maybe) Build spears and torches as fast as possible before going exploring. You need torches for insects. Have 2 on your toolbar and repair them EVERY time you kill a swarm. The spears are for the ants, again have 3 in your toolbar slot as they break. Being in the water stops yo getting attacked! Get some beelzebufo ASAP, even low ones as they eat insects and ants The big trees bases are great places to build your first base and also work extremely well as medium animal traps. You can kite larger animals in and out of the smaller entrances to help with taming. The terrain is rough and look for trapped Bronto's. Even low level ones make solid bodyguards. Avoid aggroing x-creatures like the corona virus. They will massacre your tames. Good luck and have fun. Don't let the whiners put you off as its a meant to be a tough survival game.
  12. x-parasaur is broken This expansion needs serious balancing I just tried to tame a LEVEL 4 x-parasaur 30 tranc crossbow bolts and 400 slingshot stones later I gave up IT WAS LEVEL 4
  13. I had the same problem (PC Single Player) I changed the "Baby Mature Speed" from 1.0 to 0.5 and now I can imprint. This just slows the speed the babies mature.
  14. Ark - The Great Emotional Rollercoaster The emotional highs and lows in this game are nuts: Recently returned after a couple of years out and are loving it. I had never left the Island so decided to move to Valguero. HIGH: teleport in near Green obelisk: Wow this is simply beautiful. Die lots of times trying to get to the obelisk to retrieve my stuff as i'm in my underwear and its protected by 7 level 120+ raptors - great fun, having to build traps and walls to kill the little bastards with my primitive bow. LOW: Download all my gear and most of the dino's and the game glitches and crashes and I lose everything. (there is a time delay between changes to the game save and updates to obelisk data). Luckily 2 dino's left (a 100% imprinted Argy and a 100% imprinted Direwolf). Start the long trek of starting from scratch. HIGH: Find a beautiful base location (38 46) and get to work. Build an argy trap and get some great birds and start breeding. My standard baby is now level 227 and I havn't had any mutations yet! ECSTATIC: Spot a level 168 Tek Rex. No kibble, no base yet but what the hell. Have a classic night time hunt and finally knock it out. My original imprinted argy is now 6445 health and 615 damage so feeding it prime from alpha's and large creatures. DEVASTATED: I had surrounded it with a ring of animals to protect it and 3 sabercats spawn virtually on top of it. The splash damage from the fight has knocked it down to 48% effectiveness - a whole 40 levels lost Pretty sad about that. Happiness and sadness seem to go together in this game. What are your experiences?
  15. Are the rewards any better 10 at a time versus 1 at a time?
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