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  1. My Magnificent Tek Stego just glitched off my boat and drowned - aaargh Sometimes I really hate this game. Found a spectacular TEK stego. Was moving it on my boat to the TEK sanctuary I'm building and it glitched off. Absolutely gutted. Its the only one ive ever seen.
  2. Its funny in a black humour kind of way. Being destroyed by a Rex is one thing, but being wiped by a turkey? It is unfair on lower level players. I am going to restart!
  3. A Turkey just killed ALL of my dino's in my absence This has to be the most moronic game feature ever. The devs clearly only care about well established players that can fight them. For the rest of us its just a bad joke. I was off taming nearby. I am guessing a seagull attacked a tame and once the area attack from a trike hit the turkey it aggroed and murdered everything. Thanks for nothing
  4. Thanks for the great ideas. I will definitely head to sarco point soon. Currently building on the river near swamp cave. Have 2 decent barys which seem to carve up anything in the water
  5. Sorry I meant Single Player - nice clean empty maps
  6. Game Progression I am returning after a long break (got sick to death of toxic tribes blocking content and generally being a**holes) and have decided to play solo. I have been wondering how people look at progression and would be interested in any recommendations. Ive built a little army of 3 trikes (lvl 25-65) and 5 dilo's (lvl 65 -145) and have been having fun running around with them. My plan is roughly: Build a taming boat once I unlock stone and get some Raptors and Carno's Get some air support at lvl 38 so I can fly Medium term get a parasaur at lvl 58 (I think) as I used to love my mobile base What else do people recommend or what have they done? I am currently in zone 1 but plan to move up to the river mid map so I can access all the caves (I plan on progressing via the story)
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