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  1. I had the same problem (PC Single Player) I changed the "Baby Mature Speed" from 1.0 to 0.5 and now I can imprint. This just slows the speed the babies mature.
  2. Ark - The Great Emotional Rollercoaster The emotional highs and lows in this game are nuts: Recently returned after a couple of years out and are loving it. I had never left the Island so decided to move to Valguero. HIGH: teleport in near Green obelisk: Wow this is simply beautiful. Die lots of times trying to get to the obelisk to retrieve my stuff as i'm in my underwear and its protected by 7 level 120+ raptors - great fun, having to build traps and walls to kill the little bastards with my primitive bow. LOW: Download all my gear and most of the dino's and the game glitches and crashes and I lose everything. (there is a time delay between changes to the game save and updates to obelisk data). Luckily 2 dino's left (a 100% imprinted Argy and a 100% imprinted Direwolf). Start the long trek of starting from scratch. HIGH: Find a beautiful base location (38 46) and get to work. Build an argy trap and get some great birds and start breeding. My standard baby is now level 227 and I havn't had any mutations yet! ECSTATIC: Spot a level 168 Tek Rex. No kibble, no base yet but what the hell. Have a classic night time hunt and finally knock it out. My original imprinted argy is now 6445 health and 615 damage so feeding it prime from alpha's and large creatures. DEVASTATED: I had surrounded it with a ring of animals to protect it and 3 sabercats spawn virtually on top of it. The splash damage from the fight has knocked it down to 48% effectiveness - a whole 40 levels lost Pretty sad about that. Happiness and sadness seem to go together in this game. What are your experiences?
  3. Are the rewards any better 10 at a time versus 1 at a time?
  4. So how many times have you died chasing presents in the dark? For those of us at lower levels this event is full of excitement - landing in the dark in random locations. So far ive been killed by: a pack of trodoons A pack of allosaurs a pack of sabertooths On the upside i have looted: a 197% mastercraft sword a 278% ascendent crossbow plus lots of coal and misteltoe if i can find a gacha. How are you getting on?
  5. I play single player on the Island. They spawned for the first few days but I havent been able to find one for about 2 days now.
  6. So I need to fly after him, in the dark, half way across the island? That sounds like certain desth for newer players!
  7. Newbie here. What are we meant to do with santa So I've received the message and seen santa flying a long way away (my base is south west near red obelisk) and drop something a long way away. What do we do? Are we meant to cross half the map to find them? (Certain death) What do they look like and how long do they last? Where is raptor claus?
  8. Man that sucks. The bugs still get me. Worst recent loss was 2 days ago. As a returning player I didnt have a lot but had some pretty great gear from Alphas and a few good dino's Breezed through Central cave with my little rat pack. I ride a 205 Tek Raptor and run with 2 100+ Carno's and 2 65+ Barry's. Great little set. Clear the cave and on the way out realise 2 dino's are missing. Jump off my raptor and walk back in to find them. Find a Barry somehow swimming around in the lake. Other dino is totally missing. Ride up the Barry to where I left the other 3 and only 1 carno is left. DILO. Search for hours, try logging in and out - nothing. Go into ghost mode and sure enough 3 dino's are way down on the water surface. Go down and jump on my raptor, ghost mode bugs and I fall endlessly. I die and lose all my gear and all but 1 dino are now gone. Ive restarted from scratch
  9. My Magnificent Tek Stego just glitched off my boat and drowned - aaargh Sometimes I really hate this game. Found a spectacular TEK stego. Was moving it on my boat to the TEK sanctuary I'm building and it glitched off. Absolutely gutted. Its the only one ive ever seen.
  10. Its funny in a black humour kind of way. Being destroyed by a Rex is one thing, but being wiped by a turkey? It is unfair on lower level players. I am going to restart!
  11. A Turkey just killed ALL of my dino's in my absence This has to be the most moronic game feature ever. The devs clearly only care about well established players that can fight them. For the rest of us its just a bad joke. I was off taming nearby. I am guessing a seagull attacked a tame and once the area attack from a trike hit the turkey it aggroed and murdered everything. Thanks for nothing
  12. Thanks for the great ideas. I will definitely head to sarco point soon. Currently building on the river near swamp cave. Have 2 decent barys which seem to carve up anything in the water
  13. Sorry I meant Single Player - nice clean empty maps
  14. Game Progression I am returning after a long break (got sick to death of toxic tribes blocking content and generally being a**holes) and have decided to play solo. I have been wondering how people look at progression and would be interested in any recommendations. Ive built a little army of 3 trikes (lvl 25-65) and 5 dilo's (lvl 65 -145) and have been having fun running around with them. My plan is roughly: Build a taming boat once I unlock stone and get some Raptors and Carno's Get some air support at lvl 38 so I can fly Medium term get a parasaur at lvl 58 (I think) as I used to love my mobile base What else do people recommend or what have they done? I am currently in zone 1 but plan to move up to the river mid map so I can access all the caves (I plan on progressing via the story)
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