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  1. Guys, are you tired of being held for idiots for a long time? There are already a very large number of us here, and all of us have the same problems with accessing GenTwo servers. To our requests "explain what is happening with the servers and when will it be fixed?" management is not responding. Therefore, if you want to influence the situation, you need to make them understand that if they do not find a solution to the problem, they will lose their audience. And so that they do not doubt this about our intentions, we must withdraw their funds that were paid for the GenTwo product, whic
  2. As far as I know, some Gen2 servers are still up and running and some have been offline for over 24 hours! My main character is stuck on the EU-PVE-official-GenTwo920 server and now, due to the server being offline for over 24 hours, I cannot start playing. Since other bases on other maps are also tied to the name of this character. I have not found any official information why the sevreres are disabled and when they will be able to access them. I can only monitor the server status through https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=EU920&sort=score Where it says that the server st
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