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  1. I could live with that
  2. Hi, It would be nice if tek transmitters could be used to summon bosses (like they did in the beginning). Obelisks would be less crowded by parked dinos (mostly rexes). Sincerely, Alf
  3. Hi, It would be nice if tek transmitters, teleporters, etc. wouldn't need the corresponding tekgrams for using them (though tekgrams would still be necessary to craft them). In other words: many tek structures (like doors and gates) don't need the tekgrams to use them. Why is this principle not applied to all of them? Sincerely, Alf
  4. @CowBoyKillersGM may link back your imprinted dinos to your new toon, except for those in cryo. They do it once per server. Thus, it's a quite quick and clean operation. PS: I've lost my character yesterday, too, and my 2 main problems are that most of my dinos are cryogenized and that i'll have to do one more time the dragon and overseer boss fights (playing solo, it isn't an easy task).
  5. A unique database with all the toon attributes and their server location would have solved this. But I don't want to bother you with that. It's too late to change the architecture of the current version of the game. I play Ark since the 1st month. It was a nice adventure, even if I've lost a few characters on my way. Ark is a very nice idea and concept, badly implemented. In the end, what makes me sad is that I've almost ever seen any empathy from WC about all the gamers that have played thousand of hours but are still victims of so many bugs. I'd like, for once, to have a WC person on this forum that answers the questions we have, tries at least to find a solution (and, no, creating a new character and only level it up is not a good solution) and shows some regret about the current situation.
  6. All our toons are empty shells, or bits on the screen. But if you're true, what a bad architecture! I won't hire any WC programmer in my team. And, as for support, they could at least express that they are sorry. But not a word about it.
  7. Please, don't merge this topic with the one about lost characters after the rollback of the official servers. Mine isn't lost. My toon is sleeping on the floor of my base, still belonging to the tribe. Unfortunately, when I try to log into the server, Ark just asks me to create a new character, as if I had no toon on the server. In other words, somehow, the link between my toon and my steam id is broken since the rollback. A patch may be found, rather than asking people to create a new character and wait for weeks only to gain 105 levels, but lose every tek engrams they have, and with no way to have back the imprint on the many dinos on cryo. I know that i am not the only one. WC, please, patch this. Alf
  8. I think that we're quite a few to have lost a character tonight because of your unannounced rollback! My char is still here, on the server, but not linked to my steam id anymore. In other words, if i try to log into the server, ark ask me to create a new character. And no, i've no character to download. That's a mess. Please do something! And not in 3 weeks, with an unarmful support that can do almost nothing, except give back 105 level to a new char that has lost all tek engrams, plus all imprinted dinos in cryo. Alf
  9. I've found by myself it eats fresh eggs
  10. Hi guys. I've tamed a titanoboa, but it doesn't seem to eat meat, even forced fed. Do you know how to feed it? Thanks for your help.
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