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  1. I think that you've to get off just before it puts the ramp down. Did you tried it?
  2. I've found it fully repaired today. Maybe it was the server reboot yesterday night
  3. Browsing YouTube, i've found a trick. With a owl, you may froze the stryder while it's just above the teleporter. When it unfreezes, it fell on the surface and can be teleported. I hope it may help anybody
  4. Hello guys. I am playing on the Genesis 2 map. In the space biome, is there a way to force a stryder to land on a teleporter (or any terrain with a tiny superficie)? I can do it as a human character, but the stryder floats in the space. Unfortunately, I have no room to build around the teleporter. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for your answers. Then, I'll wait to reach 0 health.
  6. Hello guys, How do you proceed to repair a stryder attachment? Mine (a shield generator rig) needs a bit of hide, metal and stone, but i don't know how to apply the material to repair it. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello. Event BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier setting is set to 0.5. I am pretty sure it should be set to 1. We have imprints every 4 hours rather than 8. Sincerely, Alf
  8. Hi, It would be nice if tek transmitters could be used to summon bosses (like they did in the beginning). Obelisks would be less crowded by parked dinos (mostly rexes). Sincerely, Alf
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