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  1. November 15th, and the bug is still here. Be careful when flying in this zone.
  2. Dinobros. I've no problem at all with that. But it was possible to organize the arrival of those new players.
  3. I've bases on all the maps. This is not my point.
  4. Servers unplayable because all those new players Come on, WC. It isn't serious! I may understand your marketing action with Epic for a free Ark, but hundreds of new players are coming on the island map servers. Those are now full and unplayable. It's a hell. It has nothing to do with a fun and a nice 5th birthday. Please, could you do something to send many of those players to other maps and servers. Thanks for your help. Alf
  5. A 6 GB download is needed ?
  6. Genesis servers not showing up Is it me, or genesis servers aren't showing up after the 310.90 "transfer" patch?
  7. Building a behem gate on a genesis ocean platform: too high above the ground Hi! I've placed a behemoth gateway on a genesis ocean platform. So far, so good. But when i try to place the gate inside the gateway, i can't because it's "too high above the ground". Is it a bug or a feature? ? Thanks for your help. Alf
  8. +1 for server 346. See its Battlemetrics stats: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/73234/downtime
  9. Hi, It would be nice if tek transmitters could be used to summon bosses (like they did in the beginning). Obelisks would be less crowded by parked dinos (mostly rexes). Sincerely, Alf
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