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  1. That's what the high level beavers are for. They work like a 300 slot smithy specifically for crafting those items.
  2. Tek Tier comes out in just a few days! How have you guys been preparing for it?

  3. LF high lvl therizinosaurus (death chicken) PS4

  4. Does anybody know about what level you will need to be to create the various Tek tier items?

  5. We finally got our first dung beetle! Didn't realize how productive those things are!

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    2. deadlyinkdgirl


      did on a different server and went on vacation to visit my family. my tribe claimed all dinos kicked me out of my tribe and left me with nothing. so i move to the server i am on now and built 3 bases by myself and tamed over 100 dinos. dont trust many people on there. so i put in the work though it may take longer

    3. JenovaProject


      I understand. My friends and I have been running a tight crew. I'm the leader of a decent sized tribe on my server on PS4. It has been treating me well but it feels like we are progressing so slow in comparison to the other tribes. There are 4 of us so I can't imagine doing this solo. Which platform do you play on?

    4. deadlyinkdgirl


      xbox . its not bad just things take longer. i will say sometimes its harder getting the higher tames by myself. and certainly dont have the time to breed

  6. Considering starting to breed my own dinos. Not sure if I have the time to yet though. 

  7. That's actually a pretty good idea.. my server is filled with old abandoned bases
  8. How exactly are the underwater bases going to work? will i be able to use traditional power generators to fuel an airlock system or will i have to repeatedly defeat bosses to get elements to keep my base alive under water?
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