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  1. Alpha Tribe System

    This concept ruins everything that is good about being alpha the point of being alpha is power and the interesting thing about it is you can do whatever you feel and want to do on the server you now RIGHTFULLY claimed I can say this it is no easy task to claim alpha and maintain the title it takes hard work and dedication and with that comes PERKS and sadly if they choose to be a villain they can this means they can wipe and raptor who ever they feel nomatter the "tire" thatch or wood. The amazing thing about ark is you can play the way you want and if you want to change somthing FORCE is the only way to go about it. "Alliances" are in the game for a reason. Welcome to PvP officials it's a tough world. Complaining won't do anything in this game when you work your way to the top you have everyright to do whatever it takes to stay on to you will complain but it all changes when you switch places it's PvP after all
  2. pvp Trolls

    Keep tames indoors when being griefed to avoid tames being snipped If your outnumbered just chill in base and rush whenever they make a move its as simple as that.you don't need to do much but making sure they don't get close enough to harm your tames (They are the ones that has to make the move sit back and interrupt them whenever they try to move now repeat until they choose to move on) the most they will do is talk poop to lure you out IGNORE THEM. If plenty of you are online chase the raptorers but not alone as a coordinated team they won't be able to do poop. Unless you suck (there is strength in numbers be aggressive AF and try not to be reckless) DO NOT RUSH ALONE peace
  3. Why no 2x raising?

    Absolutely need x2 breeding and maturation I currently play on the new official servers and I for one don't want to raise simply becuase of the time and effort it takes and it's somthing I'm missing out on so yeah x2 breeding is needed for the people that want to get involved with stuff like that
  4. Event pls ?

    One can only hope x2 starts again today
  5. Hello bro ,  still looking for people in ur tribe?

    1. strax88


      great  bro ,  I just  saw u respond,  i will text u in psn . my  psn is Cosmico_XIX


  6. Welcome hope your having a fantastic day 

  7. Hope your server was populated if not when the time for desition making comes it might just come down to that between them wiping the server and saving time fixing it or letting it continue I say this because that's how they will handle it when the games about to launch ao it's just an idea
  8. [RESOLVED] Server 377-380 offline

    Man it sucks to be you guys on 377/380 best of luck to ya
  9. PS4 Ark Dedicated server crashes

    Yeah i play on player dedicated servers once in a while for the fun but every time I decide to visit one the servers crash it's retarded, I've joined over 50 servers no exaggeration and every last one crashes to the point it's unplayable. fix it wildcard "JUST DO IT".