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  1. I have a tek stryder farmer type on crystal island. I cant farm shards only pics up crystal. Is this a know issue?
  2. When i start listig servers on my ps4 the internet starts getting unstable. Even throws me out on my pc ark. I have 250/250mbit line. Any one else have this?
  3. This how ark 2 will be to?. Buy it but u cant play online because we cant handle to many ppl. Useless!
  4. shineof69


    Trike or Parasaur DONT collect berries
  5. Just a question: When Genesis Part 2 comes can u travel to that map from crystal ?. Or are u starting from 0?
  6. I still cant transfer my charts to other server no matter what i do. What i have done so far: 1. Reinstalled the game 2. port forwarding 3. Put ps4 in router DMZ 5. Tried Tek transmitter 6. Tried Obelisk Towers Obelisk Towers: Nothing happen at all. Just after 30sec it lose connection.(only happen when i do this). Tek transmitter: Same here but i can upload dinos. I can move between maps in single player tho.
  7. Day 4, Crystal isles server 1480 still down/buged,cant join.
  8. Is this how ark 2 will be also?. constant server crashing, lag, disconnections, glitches.
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