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  1. MissRed

    Gacha food consume?

    They will eat from a trough to keep them from starving but won't produce crystals when eating from the trough
  2. I'm on official, the Island...just found the explorer note for Chronicals V gloves skin but it won't open...I've had no problems with any of the others (I, Il, lll, or IV) on the Island but this one won't budge...any suggestions?
  3. MissRed

    Whats your best Rex breed at?

    17,380.1 Health, 2604 Stamina, 603.1 Melee - Level 350 at hatch...on official...I'm happy with it
  4. MissRed

    Aberration Drops Aggravation

    Giga is doing fine...check your messages...so good to see you too!
  5. MissRed

    Aberration Drops Aggravation

    I've never seen a cross ark terminal at the portal and I've spent many hours there...what does it look like?
  6. MissRed

    Aberration Drops Aggravation

    So, I know of about 10 drops near my base on Ab...problem is only about 3 have been appearing lately. I can circle for HOURS and not find one. Is there a problem with drops right now? Anyone else noticed this? This being the way to transfer items and Dinos (other than Tek), makes it awful aggravating...
  7. MissRed

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    My problems with DC actually started when Xbox one x was patched into the game. From that update forward its been nothing but crash after frustrating crash straight back to the dashboard. Someone suggested to me that the crashing was actually a performance issue with the 'older' Xbox...that Microsoft wanted us to upgrade to the newer system...can anyone who owns the Xbox one x confirm they have no issues with crashing to the dashboard?
  8. MissRed

    Constant crash to desktop Xbox One

    Someone mentioned to me that this was a performance problem with Xbox...that when ark was updated for the new Xbox gaming system, the older consoles just couldn't keep up...could this be true? Seems like they make the game almost unplayable so you will upgrade to the new system...I'm afraid to do much of anything as I'm dc-ing constantly...