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  1. I agree it’s raptoring insulting.
  2. Looking for alphas of small tribes server ! Hey me and some friends are looking to set up on a small tribes server, we will hopefully progress quickly and help keep the server safe we just need an alpha tribe that isn’t going to dic about with us when we are setting up and hopefully help eachother out when needed, thanks!
  3. Anything except interesting it. I don’t play prim plus because I don’t like the base game I play prim plus because an army of a holes don’t turn up on your server and wipe you as soon as you start to make some progress as the main game is not new player friendly at all.
  4. How about fixing the servers so we can actually play..? @Cedric
  5. No servers ...? I’m on Xbox there’s no servers and no one at wildcard even acknowledging it.. Fantastic.
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