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  1. KommanderKyle

    Ark Data/Transfer Help

    That I have not! I will do that today
  2. KommanderKyle

    Ark Data/Transfer Help

    It is on Small tribes pc. I cleared player data and tried anything I found online. No luck.
  3. KommanderKyle

    Ark Data/Transfer Help

    Hello Survivors, So my delima. If I put anything in my ark Data, it disappears. Sometimes... If I access it, I can see the items for .2 sec. The weird thing is, I logged onto my wife's computer, and it doesn't do it there. I have cleared my playerdata, validated, reinstalled. Any advice? Thanks!
  4. KommanderKyle

    Ark Data and Transferring

    Hello and greetings, I play on an official small tribe server. I placed a Tek Teansmitter, if I upload an item (after cool down) it is there for about 2 seconds. Then it disappears. If I switch tabs, it sometimes will show up for a moment. The same thing at a oblisk or supply drop. It also always says Ark Data 4/-. Anyone with this problem figure anything out? Thanks survivors! Pc Small Tribe
  5. KommanderKyle

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    Looking good! Excited for the new expansion.
  6. KommanderKyle

    pvp Question about Trading and Small Tribes

    Yeah I was curious about it. I don't think trading is technically teaming.
  7. Can you post on the forums for trade on small tribes? Is it legal? Thank you survivors!