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  1. Reported wildcard to BBB, Closing out my tickets without any resolution and ignoring me. I'm sure my complaint wont matter since you already have a F rating with the BBB.
  2. I play xbox single player and since the Christmas event all the maps are broken and are not working right. I will be waiting to see if the new map will have the same issues. Wildcard won't give me a straight answer so I will not be purchasing it until I know for sure.
  3. Will xbox single player and dedicated be able to play this map or will it be broken like all the other maps right now? Just want to know before I buy it.
  4. There is know way of fixing the map, all maps are broken besides the island. We have to wait for the developers to fix it. There is known time frame for the fix and it has been over a month. If you put in a bug report you will get an acknowledgement message and they will close out the issue and then you will hear crickets. Then a guy named Cedric will make you think somthing is actually going to happen but once again you hear crickets.
  5. By the looks of it I would not purchase the new content until I know for sure that the issues are not affecting the new map. Will be interesting to see if wildcard would actually send out new content that they know is broken. You would think by now they would have put out a warning. So xbox single players know that there is somthing going on. It would help players from not deleting there maps thinking it's going to fix it. Just some thoughts.
  6. Decided I was going to do some fishing while I wait for the developers to do there job. Went to get some honey from my bee hives and they are gone. Flip me over I'm done. WC email me when you fixed the problem because I'm done talking to a wall. Not responding back is the worst customer service ever. I can't belive you can't even respond with any kind of time frame even if you tell us it's a month out. But to sit here and run automated messages that tell us that you acknowledge the issue is a joke after a month.
  7. Xbox1 single players!!! are you going to wait to purchase Genesis? With all the broken maps in single player xbox1 and not knowing if a fix is coming before Genesis is released. Will it stop you from purchasing the new content? A whole month of acknowledging the issues but not able confirm a fix.
  8. Important for Xbox single players. Might not want to purchase ark genesis yet. If you dont know already single player and dedicated servers on xbox 1 Not Prim + all maps are broken besides island. The issue has been acknowledged but no clear date for a fix. It's been a month of no drops , eggs, artifacts and missing dinos. I have not got any feed back on when this will be fixed. So I'm putting out a warning for xbox single players to take caution before buying the new content because it might not be working just like all the other maps. You could be spending money on a broken map waiting for a fix if there is a fix.
  9. When you release ths content will it be playable for xbox 1 single player and dedicated servers. We haven't been able to play the game right on any map besides island since christmas. If we purchase the new content will it have drops, artifacts and no missing dinos or will the new map be broken like all the other maps?
  10. Still waiting for a fix, built a base back on the island to get drops. I dont remember there being so many 150 rex on the island. I have gotten 3 of them in the past week. Hope this fix happens soon my dinos I brought over to the island are not to happy about the move:)
  11. This just happens to be that large thread your talking about
  12. Alright got a reply back, let's keep up the Twitter stuff and make sure you put in a ticket at ark.
  13. Leave comments on there twitter account. I feel like they are more active on that. https://mobile.twitter.com/survivetheark
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