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  1. PVE Enemy tribes can still farm claimed Veins I had just completed a 50k vein. It was claimed. After completion, I started farming it with my mantis, and I saw a wyvern land, I saw a person jump off and unpod a mantis. At first, I assumed that since I have it claimed he could not farm it. But I was wrong he went around and started hitting all of the external veins. I didn't know if he could just go off and farm the center one to negate me from farming my own vein so I stopped doing the external ones and went for the center. In PVE there is no way to stop people from just coming in and farming your veins, I can't freeze them and stop them with my owl, I can't kill them with my gigas....... Please fix asap
  2. Popped 3 rock drakes, 2 event colored ones. Fed them all nameless venom, and spent the next 20 minutes trying to get my gear back after crashing and coming back to a reaper king having spawned and beating on my reaper king. Crashing sucks
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