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  1. I just transfered from my island server to myscorched server when I did so I lagged out assuming my character would be in the OB I got back on and to my surprise no character on my island server no character on my scorched server and no character in the OB. 2nd lvl 99 gone. What do I do about this? I was transfering across 300 c4 and over 150 turrets there now gone along with my character what to do ....
  2. Dedicated server crashes every 30 minutes

    Lag spikes i guess could play a part but i have fiber optic internet so the chances its on my end are slim to none. General ping of all players never goes above 50. I figure ill hold out as you said just trying to figure out if im the only one having issues.
  3. #whyArk I have been hosting a dedicated server for a few days now and for some reason every 30 minutes the server crashes we have about 10 -15 people on very small bases as we all just started .. what could be the cause any suggestions? Also my controller is not disconnecting i know that for sure. Please let me know any solutions asap..
  4. Alpha Tusoteuthis broken OP

    i kill the alpha with my regular squid it works well
  5. Organic polymer and therizinosaurus

    Exactly i feel as if i get sooooo much more doing that . I like using the delicate ove using the aggressive
  6. Organic polymer and therizinosaurus

    I use delicate to harvest poly... my opinion works way better. . . Thero is amazing at havesting anything and with 13k health 500 melee nd mc saddle i can fight my giga nd make it rage before i even hit half health
  7. imprint Rework of imprinting system

    Dude this is such a great idea