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  1. Role Play Server for Xbox One

    would like to be apart seems i had a profile made a year ago. would like to bring a few friends too
  2. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    spino,quetz,stego,megaladon, are the biggest that needs changes in looks,stats,ability
  3. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    do not move your server to abberation! everytime you turn the server off the game will wipe the server clean
  4. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    multiple non dedicated servers are being wiped completely when ever server goes down
  5. awesome server one of those one of a kind. keep it up dudes
  6. can we get golem saddles? their week against weapons and explosives
  7. season pass price reduction?

    yeah, ive been tweeting them about it everyday and no reply.
  8. season pass price reduction?

    So when is the price reduction for season pass for those who bought scorched earth during preview? xbox hasn't updated it yet.
  9. Ark season pass (console)

    was wondering the same
  10. Ark season pass (console)

    ive been seeing the price for season pass has been reduced to $20 for those who bought Scorched during preview? when is that coming to xbox? me nor my other friends are seeing the discount...

    friend is hosting a server on his xbox and the ice worms and wyverns are invisible. it shows their there, but can't see them. we tried dino wiping and resetting the server multiple times
  12. Is it done?

    yeah so much could be added
  13. Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    what about us on console?
  14. Is it done?

    ^ agree