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  1. Guys, I used a VPN and was able to log in. (EU VPN and I am an EU player.)
  2. 8 bloodstalker babies that eat like god damned gigas are in there devouring the last remnants of any unclean corpse I managed to shovel into their troughs before going to sleep.
  3. Nice! Nothing like seeing one flail its arms in the air in anger at being disturbed as it prepares to clap them cheeks. lmao perfect, I hate them with a passion I think it's the way they look back at you as they are running off with your stuff that winds me up the most. The feel of freshly having been wiped, back on the beach with your campfire about to feed your starving self with some cooked meat and out of the bushes comes this unsightly little scrotum of a creature to bag it up and raptor off back into the undergrowth as you give chase, weak and about to pass out from h
  4. In the English language, we have collective nouns which we use to refer to groups of certain creatures. Here are some examples inside the spoiler. But what about the creatures of the ARK? Let's see who can come up with amusing and fitting names for groups of ARK's many creatures, try and take their traits and people's general impression of them into account! I'll start, Bloodstalkers are truly foul and unclean creatures. They become friends with you if you offer your blood to them, they stick their claws in your back in order to let you ride them, the
  5. As easy as it is to assume they are using this as an excuse to delay as they always do delay things, bear in mind that Cedric the community manager at Wildcard is black and this DEFINITELY will influence them in this current time with this specific topic.
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