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  1. To allow console commands on pvp servers is insanity….. An even larger failure than I could have conceived. You are completely clueless to many many aspects of your own game.
  2. WC sold 600k+ copies of ASA on Steam alone. Would assume the console number will be similar. The reality is they have no incentive to change how they are doing things. This is why I wanted an Ark competitor - without one they can essentially do whatever they want and still make tons of money.
  3. …..really WC? This many year’s in and you aren’t going to wipe crossplay servers? The rates would have to be set to 50x for anyone to catch up. You come off as casuals in the game you made. Anyone who has played Ark for more than 3 years could have predicted how this release would go. Excited Abberation to release and for the same exact players who exploited the picks the first time to do it again because YOU DONT PLAYTEST.
  4. I could have told you the game would have been delayed for console 6 months ago. It’s wild that anyone on here feels justified in telling other people how they should spend their money. But what would you know? You aren’t even playing the game you’re playing Minecraft with your settings. Of course you don’t love it, how could you? You set the game to easy mode from the get to. Site needs a block feature. It’s the same dudes replying to me every week. Dudes who hardly care about the game yet are the on the dedicated site for it, clown city.
  5. What planet are you living on kid? It’s coming to PC, PS5 and XBS/X. So if someone doesn’t own one of those they would have to purchase it. And AC is dogpoop don’t know what to tell you. I’m sure you own 2 copies of every title though.
  6. The ability to get 15 honey and not have to worry about the bees is huge. It kickstarts the process to getting snails as early as possible. Decent saddle bps drop often. Their ability to be beats of burden is HUGE. But the hidden ability? One of the rare Dino’s of its size that lets you dismount and be standing on its back. Now with mods and infinite carry weight perhaps this doesn’t matter but on official rates it essentially allows you to “move” around a base with 2k carry weight. Would take it over a Thyla any day if we are taking into consideration the cost/time to tame and what kibble is needed. Only a Bary compares to a Direbear for the mid game.
  7. You would be more okay if they had bought it to to play “Insert Generic AAA trash like AC”? There is no game like Ark. I find it so fascinating that someone could even be on this site and not understand how much people love the game. Have to know, what kind of player are ya? 30x pve?
  8. ASA is less of an upgrade and more of an excuse for WC to tremendously cut their server costs. Watch as Xbox releases with a laughable amount of servers. And oh what’s that? Nitrado has exclusive hosting rights? It’s all a feedback loop. I’d even bet Nitrado capped the amount of official servers they can offer. Official is dead for consoles and it hasn’t even released yet. This isn’t even mentioning the rampant issues that will occur with cheating/exploits. WC doesn’t playtest pvp and the players have always been 20 steps ahead of them.
  9. Nonsense. They outright lied to us. The crossbow reload glitch is still in the game!!!!!
  10. WC trying desperately to win worst dev of the year award. Game has TONS of issues and this is the crunch? Lol wild.
  11. The game is so unappealing without Cryopods. To leave out the most important QOL change you added to the game - insane. Breeding? Can’t do it anymore without changing rates. Playing as a solo player? Pointless. Hooray for laggy servers and Dino’s being sniped to death by griffins hundreds of feet in the air 👏 👏 👏
  12. WC is on the verge of bankruptcy. No way they are pressing physical copies lol.
  13. Only WC would remake the game and not fix the crossbow reloading bug. Only been an issue for what, 5 years 🤷‍♂️
  14. 26 SLOT SERVER MINIMUM? bruh, I have given Nitrado hundreds of dollars and this is the move they make? I’m a solo player but I’ve always rented out servers. I’m now priced out of playing. Thanks WC, you could not have let me down more 👍
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