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  1. CurtBurt left Positive feedback   

    Trade went smooth. Good communications and no problems. A little bit of confusion with megas acting very strange after trade but all seems ok now. They must have just missed me.

    Monoxide was Trading

  2. dirtydancer316 left Positive feedback   

    Trade successfull. No bs.

    Monoxide was Trading

  3. Pacofou left Positive feedback   

    Another great deal with monoxide :), very trustworthy.

    Monoxide was The Seller

  4. anirishknight left Positive feedback   

    Great trader. Building a relationship with him to trade in more in the future.

    Monoxide was Trading

  5. Pacofou left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction and no problems, very trustworthy.

    Monoxide was Trading

  6. Madlad52 left Positive feedback   

    Great deal

    Monoxide was The Seller

  7. TheTastyGoat left Positive feedback   

    Very helpful

    Monoxide was The Seller

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