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  1. No i play multiplayer to meat kind ppl and discovered new ppl , culture , language without making a war one another
  2. It's because the game are too hard for them and they have to cheap to have a good experience of the game
  3. Enjoy the game with all crash rollback lag we got since last mounth, are you kinding me ? In fact i dont usualy need news server, yes of course i want some but may a good optimisation of ping and rate on the server will be great
  4. Ho and are you the only one who play on PvE ?
  5. Of course it is, maybe just a little part of it but yes it is
  6. That's maybe why they are so many dupers on PvP, more than PvE.
  7. So , you dont mind about the trade section was full of dupes stuff ?
  8. Ho really , Have you already read the trade section of ark's forum on steam? 99% is about PVE trade so now , stop thinking PvP is all of ark and pve is bs .
  9. The new PVE servers will be available on August 8th?
  10. And they use many glitch for boss and now they have thousands vault of elements and mats. They have copy/paste their dinos and they can just destroy the market ....
  11. So, Are we going to have new PVE servers?
  12. Will the new PVE servers also be on the new Cluster? Because dupers aren't only on PvP and Ark haven't got only PvP server you know .
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