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  1. deinonychus It seems you guys are taking the Ark Additions into the main game. Thats awesome, does that mean we will be getting a brachi and deinsuchus as well? The dracorex or styracosaurus would also be great additions as well. Would love to see pterodactyls too.
  2. In all honesty I really love the game being a large fan of dinosaurs myself and fully addicted to it to the point its my coffee and dessert, it has come a very long way since release but like a fine wine it has a long way to go. Keep up the hard work Devs and heres a few pointers from me, a hard going never rage quiting fan and player! The dinosaurs are what draw people to the game and the environment so thats where you ought to start off with. Better AI and accurate dinosaurs would bring the game a lot more players. You have touched on some and walked off on others. A fully feathered Utah Raptor that can jump and latch to larger prey would be awesome as well as changing the rex roar from pooping to a fear or stun would be better. The plesisaur, carno, dimorph and others need to redone. . . The megalodon is a powerful shark but has hardly any use... I could go on and on about how some need a complete revamp but AI and realisim would make it a better game... yes there are mods but they oftern get abandoned making them buggy. A lot of the dinos could get much better skins, something along the lines of the Isle would look great for a game like this. Environmental weather is awesome and beautiful and we have some a good deal of it but it can be touched up a bit more for ragnarok map. Wind storm does nothing where it can act to slow flyers down and rain storms could slow ground dinos down and a lot of effort put into meshing. Survivors from the start seemed to be ignored and very cut copy and paste no matter how you dye and tweak them which is sad due to the fact the survivor notes are in different languages. Egyptian, Japanese and western. It would have been nice to have been able to pick from these and then costomize the character having each race have differences from the next instead of cookie cutter people that are as blan and regular as cornflakes. Taking in a few mods that arent craftables would be a good start, immersive taming, zoology, wild dino babies for starters would make the game feel a little more natural and help out. Dealing with poor AI and a real feel for natural wild life is sorta a downer on it.
  3. The only way to get wyverns to mate is through a mod or the S+ mutator but with the mutator its only for a short time.
  4. I have heard they fixed the loopholes for it and took off breeding for wyverns. (PC/ SOLO) however I a mess of them. I have screenshots on my steam page if people would like to see and perhaps I can give advise on how. I've gotten up to 3 on mom's side and 3 on dads... slow process but I have so many lol. Not boasting but sharing news on what I was told is now impossible to do, I might be late to the game though... and I would love to post pictures if I figure out how. Loading from my phone didn't work. If the wyverns can be transfered off my solo and retain all its glory, the server I am will have them.
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