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  1. That is one of the fixes that was going to be in the patch on the 15th, which hasn't dropped yet. I would not be surprised if it drops on the 20-22nd. Just a guess.
  2. Don't worry, I'm sure they will tell us what's in the patch on the 21st.....since the patch on the 15th probably won't happen on the 15th....they will say, since it's so close to the 20th, let's just do them together and then since patch never happens on the day they say, it will be the 21st or 22nd....IMO I'm not bitter, just a realist.
  3. It shouldn't be that hard for someone official from WC to get on here and post a list of the fixes/enhancements coming and when....should it????
  4. That all sounds like such good news Jat. With Primitive+ rolling out to PS4 later this week, will it include the fix to wall snap points and the new wall textures Ced mentioned last month? When are these updates coming to the PC and XBONE versions as well?
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