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  1. NOT LUCKY CHARMS...please tell me the cereal killer didn't kill me Lucky Charms
  2. I don't want it now, I want it yesterday....lol I know, I know, patience is a virtue.
  3. According to Ced, this is for PC first so they can see how it goes and then consoles will get it. Best guess 2-4 weeks but I have no inside info.
  4. Wrong, I used the thatch building trick so my snap points of my walls line up but that is a moot issue, you still have to replace them all with the new walls AND replace your ceiling tiles with new ones so that lovely safe or crop plot you have sitting on top of the tile IS GONE. And I did build mine properly so you will still have something that when you go to place the new wall down where the old one was, you may still get things that say obstructed because the collision calculations between walls and items are different. Some things in ARK will only place down in a particular order, take something out and it will not go back in, period. Why do you think we have had crickets since Ced posted this....he had real players tell them things they had not figured on is my guess, just a guess. I hope I am totally wrong and everything is hunky dory but I doubt it so very much, from experience.
  5. Well, since my previous post was deleted without my knowledge because I ran afoul of the posting rules, I am going to try to reproduce what I said earlier without violating any rules.....here goes... In the past month my wife and I placed a base of over 3,000 brick walls, 1,500 concrete ceiling pieces and many hundreds of concrete pillars that run through those brick walls and through the concrete ceiling pieces. We used the method of build your walls up as you go with thatch and then replace each piece below that level one by one from the bottom up with brick walls so they line up perfectly. We have multiple floors and of course huge roofs. So now you say we will need to go through our entire base and "pickup" each brick wall and each concrete ceiling piece, the system will then give us a replacement of the new version of those, then we snap it in place of the old piece....am I understanding this correctly? This is a huge, huge problem. Any items attached to those pieces are going to get lost with this process; If a wall has wall torches on them, gone; if a wall has beds or stone staircase or safes or smithy or smokehouse near it, the replacement may say OBSTRUCTED; if a concrete ceiling piece, which also serves as a 2nd or 3rd or 4th floor has any item on it, that item is gone so now we have to move everything out of these while we rebuild our bases; on our roofs where we have tons of large crop plots with plant spieces X since we are on a PvP official server, gone, now we are temporarily defenseless. There are places in my base I will not be able to get to UNDER the "foundation" so-to-speak without major rip up of the whole structure not to mention people that build on sloped surfaces. I think you need to seriously reconsider this whole replace every piece strategy you have come up with or you will lose some other players that just won't take the time to redo their whole base. Perhaps what you should do when you have the next patch ready that is going to remove the old pieces, have it run through the files and simple replace each placed piece with the new one, it would be connected exactly where the old one was. This is far better then simple making the old pieces go POOF. For those of us that have our walls and ceilings placed correctly now, we would still be good. For those that have messed up walls, well, they still would but they wouldn't be without a base. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think through this @complexminded
  6. This really needs to be clarified, we built our entire base over the last month. Over 3,000 brick walls placed with the thatch wall method so it lines up right. You mean to tell me if we don't pick up and replace each of these brick walls they will disappear on the following patch.....are you crazy?????????
  7. WC has already stated Spring 17' is not happening, more like summer or fall for release
  8. If I ever do, I think my head will explode because very little about WC will ever make sense.
  9. That is one of the fixes that was going to be in the patch on the 15th, which hasn't dropped yet. I would not be surprised if it drops on the 20-22nd. Just a guess.
  10. Well, lets see. Ced said the patch "notes" would be up on Friday, end of day and here it is the 16th and we don't have that even. He didn't say he ESTIMATED he would have the patch notes up on Friday, but that he would. So here we sit 3 days later and they can't even bother to take under a minute to update saying, hey you know that patch that might drop on the 15th, here's a new date estimate and oh by the way, here is the notes. It's just poor business practice to constantly mislead your customers....that is what we are after all.
  11. Troll, no you didn't.
  12. Don't worry, I'm sure they will tell us what's in the patch on the 21st.....since the patch on the 15th probably won't happen on the 15th....they will say, since it's so close to the 20th, let's just do them together and then since patch never happens on the day they say, it will be the 21st or 22nd....IMO I'm not bitter, just a realist.
  13. This does not fix mine unfortunately. I have nothing listed in their to delete as I never set anything up. I have a dire bear that just will not follow any whistle commands now. very frustrating
  14. It shouldn't be that hard for someone official from WC to get on here and post a list of the fixes/enhancements coming and when....should it????
  15. I wonder if you have a member leave the tribe, form a new tribe, tame the new dinos and then merge that person back in....would that continue to get you around the limit?