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  1. He had trouble spawning it on island but just figured out how to do so last month.
  2. Why would I actually surprised. Nothing literally ever comes out on time for them.
  3. Yup. That’s where I saw it as well. He claims to be adding s+ as well next Month.
  4. Oh, okay. But you’re thinking you probably can’t do it on rented Xbox servers?
  5. Hmm, plugins as in mods? (Sorry, never messed with pc!) and I have to assume there’s some way to do this as I’ve seen it done on at least one occasion. Maybe someone has more info. Appreciate the reply regardless!
  6. This specific example is on Xbox, but I assume it would ring true across all platforms.. is there a known way to spawn in an (invisible) obelisk terminal anywhere on the map? There’s a server (called birdsark) where he advertises it and I’ve also seen it in action. He has not disclosed how he does this, but I am obviously very intrigued. Does anyone have any information on this subject?
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